Apr 16

2019 Senior Final Exam Schedule

Below, please find the Spring 2019 Senior Final Exam Schedule. Please note, there is some overlap with the senior final exam days and AP exams. On these days, seniors only attend school to take their exams, and senior classes do not meet. Mixed grade-level classes that include seniors should still meet on these days, but seniors will not be present. 

Additional Notes Regarding Senior Exams

  • Seniors in AP courses will not be required to take final exams for AP courses. The AP test serves as their final exam.
  • Students in AP courses whose tests are paid by the State of Indiana are required to take those AP exams. For others, it is their choice.
  • Extended Time students will follow this schedule as well for Class Final Exams, and will still receive extended time.  Check the AP Exam Schedule for Extended Time AP Exam locations.*

Click here for the 2019 Senior Final Exam Schedule with locations.