2021 – 2022 Board of Trustees



Board of Trustees Committee Objectives

Advancement Committee

The Advancement Committee shall formulate a long-range strategy and calendar for Advancement, including the fostering of relationships, fundraising and communication. The Advancement Committee will guide and support various giving campaigns, both annual and capital, promoting the actual implementation of board and staff efforts. It also guides and supports Advancement’s public relations and marketing efforts that are focused both internally and externally.

Building & Grounds Committee

The Building & Grounds Committee ensures Brebeuf has a pleasant, safe and adequate space for learning to take place. The Building & Grounds Committee will monitor and review the facility needs of the school and recommend to the Board items to be included in the maintenance and upkeep budgets. Annually the Building & Grounds Committee, in cooperation with the school administration, is responsible for developing a list of building deficiencies and provides both a short term (one year) and long term (five year) list of those needs.

Educational Programs & Planning Committee

The Educational Programs & Planning Committee shall consult with the appropriate school officials, and members of the faculty and student body on matters of educational policy, programming and curriculum. The committee shall analyze for the Board of Trustees matters of academic concern that are forwarded to it by the President or Principal and serve as a vehicle of communication among all members of the school community and members of the Board of Trustees on education issues.

Finance / Audit Committee

The Finance / Audit Committee ensures Brebeuf has adequate funding and that the school’s management is using funds in a manner that is tied to both the mission and the strategic plan. The Finance / Audit Committee also ensures that the school’s management are good stewards of the funds both invested and used in the operating budget. The Finance / Audit Committee gives advice on investments and accounting issues that may come up during the operation of the school. The Finance / Audit Committee is responsible for the audit of the financial statements for Brebeuf on a yearly basis, and also makes sure the school is planning far enough into the future to help alleviate unforeseen financial burdens.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee shall serve as the Nominating Committee for the Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory Board of Trustees. The Governance Committee shall develop and maintain a list of proposed Board candidates and shall monitor Board vacancies, as they become available. The Governance Committee will monitor, review and recommend revisions to the Board Bylaws and Polices to the Board of Trustees. In addition, the Governance Committee will be responsible for developing a continuing education plan for the Board in cooperation with school administration. Lastly, the Governance Committee shall conduct an annual evaluation of the Board of Trustees and report the results back to the Board of Trustees.

Jesuit Identity Committee

The Jesuit Identity Committee shall monitor and review the implementation of the mission and vision set forth in the strategic plan. It shall encourage and support the President, the Board and the school administration in the necessary efforts for formation in Jesuit identity and for the communication of the mission and vision of the school and their integration into all aspects of school life.

Brebeuf Jeusit Trustees

Becoming a Brebeuf Jesuit Trustee

The members of the Board of Trustees are so named because they hold the mission and identity of the school in trust. Legally, the Board holds the school and its Jesuit identity in trust for the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus, per the Sustaining Agreement. As such each Trustee and all Trustees hold primary responsibility for knowing deeply and thoroughly the character of Jesuit high schools and Jesuit education.

The Board of Trustees is the governing, policy-making body of the school. It is headed by the Chair and organized into committees, each with a Chair and a Charter that describes its responsibilities. The Chairs of all standing committees form the Executive Committee of the Board, which is chaired by the Board Chair. Its officers – a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary – are elected each year by the full Board. These positions and roles are described in the Bylaws.

The Board is responsible for assisting the school by translating the school’s mission and values into policy, notably the Strategic Plan, for an extended period into the school’s future. The Board’s policy must ensure as a first priority the Jesuit and Catholic character of the school. This policy must also ensure the financial health of the school, its repute in the community, and its spirit of service to those families whose children enroll in the school and to the wider community.

The work of the Board is done largely by the committees which normally report in writing and sometimes orally at regular Board meetings. The committees are responsible for assisting the Board to fulfill its policy role by completing work unique to the Board, e.g., approving an annual budget for the school.

Trustees are expected to provide leadership to the school in contributing to the Annual Fund and Capital Campaigns as they are mounted.

What is the primary role of the Brebeuf Jesuit Trustees?

The primary role of the Brebeuf Jesuit Trustees is to develop and positively promote the Jesuit mission of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School. As the governing and policymaking body of the school, the Trustees:

  • Articulate and monitor the Brebeuf Jesuit Strategic Plan.
  • Select, support and evaluate the Brebeuf Jesuit President.
  • Establish and maintain a solid financial foundation for the school.

How does an individual become a Brebeuf Jesuit Trustee?

Trustees are identified and selected through a process managed by the Governance Committee. This process, handled confidentially and done annually, begins in the fall of the year and is based upon awareness of the competencies, skills and experience of current Trustees. The Governance Committee identifies individuals who match the needed competencies and makes recommendations to the Trustee Executive Committee. Members are elected for a three-year term (renewable once) at the Trustee annual meeting in May.

How do names of potential Brebeuf Jesuit Trustees surface?

Any current Trustee can suggest an individual for nomination to the Trustees. In addition, individuals can make their desire known to be nominated as a Trustee through a letter and resume sent to governance@brebeuf.org. In order to be in synchronization with the annual process, such letters of interest and/or resumes should be sent no later than Oct. 15.