The Mission of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, which is Jesuit, Catholic, and Interfaith, is to provide an excellent college preparatory education by preparing its students for a lifetime of leadership in service to others as men and women who are intellectually competent, open to growth, loving, religious, and committed to promoting justice. In pursuit of the Mission, Brebeuf Jesuit affirms two essential principles: the education of the whole person and the care of the person.

Director of College Counseling

The Director of College Counseling is the lead agent for a key program for our school, whereby holistic student development, college readiness, and student outcomes beyond high school are at the forefront of how the mission of Brebeuf Jesuit is accomplished. This position reports to the Principal.

Position Start Date: August 1, 2019


(Note: The following list of responsibilities is not exhaustive. Others may be assigned, subject to reasonable accommodations.)

  • Supervise and evaluate a team of college counselors, the Ignatian Scholars program coordinator, and a counseling assistant, to create a comprehensive, personalized, and cohesive program for all Brebeuf Jesuit students and families.
  • Collaborate closely with other school leadership and staff to develop curriculum, programming, and systems that work together in enhancing the school’s goals.
  • Cultivate institutional and personal relationships on behalf of Brebeuf Jesuit with the colleges and universities where our students attend and hope to attend.
  • Maintain a “caseload” of students and families, and provide all necessary services to them as their college counselor.
  • Develop curriculum and lead the instruction of our sophomore college counseling seminar course.
  • Lead informational programs and presentations throughout the year, and represent the college counseling department in Brebeuf Jesuit programs for current and prospective students.
  • Coordinate with communications staff to disseminate information about visits from college admissions representatives, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid information to parents and students.
  • Coordinate on-campus visits by college admissions representatives, as well as college fairs and other opportunities for students and families to interact with these individuals.
  • Collaborate with academic counseling staff to provide guidance to students on curriculum planning with college goals in mind.
  • Provide guidance and training to teachers on preparing letters of recommendation.
  • Provide support to our coaching staff during the college athletic recruitment process.
  • Coordinate nominations and selections of Brebeuf Jesuit students for various college scholarships, awards and recognitions.
  • Supervise the maintenance of detailed records of each student’s application status on the Naviance college application submission system.
  • Prepare and present reports on college admissions outcomes through the year.
  • Supervise systems for PSAT, pre-ACT, and AP testing, and maintain referrals of test preparation opportunities for students.
  • Visit colleges and universities to become familiar with their programs, services and admissions policies, while simultaneously promoting Brebeuf Jesuit.
  • Actively participate in professional development and professional organizations pertaining to college counseling.



  • Substantial prior experience in the guidance of students and families for their college decisions, such as college counseling in secondary schools, or admissions work at the collegiate level
  • Experience in management and leadership of programs and personnel
  • Master’s degree or terminal degree
  • Sensitivity to and appreciation for diversity, with demonstrated ability to relate to individuals with compassion
  • Ability to excel in a team environment
  • Excellent writing, speaking and communication skills


  • Certification in the field of college counseling
  • Working knowledge of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and its role in education


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Application deadline: January 31, 2019

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