Tim Kelaghan (affectionately known as “Kela” by his students) is in large part personally responsible for Brebeuf Jesuit student’s success on the AP Calculus Exam. 

Under the direction of Tim, during the past two decades, our class average AP scores have been some of the highest in the nation. It was Tim Kelaghan that created the template for Brebeuf student achievement on the AP Exam. This model is now used by all the calculus teachers at Brebeuf. He challenges students to work to their potential. He asks them to work hard and to think critically, but he is always there to lend guidance and support. It is not unusual to see Tim in the math office late at night helping students that stay after school or students that come in for help after a team practice, or after play, band, or orchestra rehearsal. He regularly meets with students on weekends and never refuses a call from a former student that has questions in their current math class at college. When alums come back to visit, one of the first teachers they will seek out is Tim Kelaghan. They want to talk about their mathematical achievements and they want to thank him for all he did to help with that success. Tim delights in his student’s accomplishments but would humbly never take credit for any of it and we all love “Kela” even more for that trait. Tim Kelaghan is a true Brebeuf Jesuit legend and although he is retiring, he will never be replaced.