Academic Counseling

Beginning with the freshman year, students and parents meet with an academic counselor to plan a course of study best suited to their individual needs and one that will best prepare the student for college. The Academic Counseling Office offers a variety of services to help along the way, including peer tutoring, career interest exploration, and small group programs. Each student works with the same Brebeuf Jesuit counselor from freshman year through graduation.

Placement Tests

All students who wish to test into Algebra II-Honors must take the Algebra I placement test, unless that student has taken a high school level Algebra II course.

If a student took a Geometry course physically at a high school, that student may transfer the Geometry credit. Any other student who has taken Geometry at a middle school must take the Algebra I placement test first.

If a student has taken a high school level Algebra II course, he/she does not need to take the Algebra I placement test.

Algebra I List of Topics

Algebra II List of Topics

Geometry Full Review

The Academic Counselor Role at Brebeuf Jesuit

The Academic Counselors are master-level counselors with national endorsements in School Counseling and Personal Counseling who are trained to advocate for students. Each student is assigned an Academic Counselor from the end of their 8th grade year until graduation, based on their last name, creating a 270:1 ratio. The relationship with the Academic Counselor is crucial to the student’s fluid movement from one class, semester and grade level to another. Often, the Academic Counselor is the one consistent adult in Brebeuf Jesuit to know a student from their entry to their successful graduation from Brebeuf. Parents and students rely on their Academic Counselor as a concierge of information. Teachers consult with the Academic Counselors about individual students or classroom management. Administrators collaborate with Academic Counselors to fine tune specific areas of curriculum to address every student’s needs and learning styles.

The Academic Counselors have an open door policy for any student to receive help with appointments or walk-in options every day during every period. During first semester, the Academic Counselors teach Freshman Seminar and address student needs whenever possible while also verifying that each student is on track for a timely graduation. During second semester, the Academic Counselors present course information to returning students in English classes in January. Following their presentations, the Academic Counselors meet with each of their students (and parents if they wish to attend) to plan their schedule for the following year. In March or April, the master schedule is created based on students’ course requests and teacher availability. In May and June, the Academic Counselors establish each student’s schedule. Typically, each student’s schedule is reviewed a total of four times before the student receives it to ensure that a student can graduate on time.

In need of a tutor?

Parents and students are encouraged to login to Edline and visit the Academic Counseling page to see an updated list, or contact their counselor.


Brebeuf wins RAMP Awards

On June 25, 2012, the American School Counselor Association honored Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School with Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) designation at an awards ceremony in Minneapolis. Brebeuf was one of nine schools to receive the national award this year.

Valid for a three-year period, RAMP designation recognizes schools that are committed to delivering a comprehensive, data-driven counseling program and creating an exemplary educational environment. The extensive selection criteria require data-supported research, consideration of a 30-member advisory board and a year-long internal review of school counseling programs. The 2012 award marks Brebeuf’s second recognition; the school received its first RAMP designation in 2009.

With input from a comprehensive team of parents, teachers, coaches, student advocates, college advisors and administrators, Brebeuf seeks to provide a stable, supportive community led by academic counselors who act as the main point of contact for students.


Brebeuf is recognized as a Gold Star Award winning school for its excellence in Academic Counseling.