"There are tongues in trees, books in running brooks, sermons in stone, and God in everything."
~St. Ignatius of Loyola

The Future is Now, The Technology is Yours!

Bring-Your-Own-Technology (BYOT)

To facilitate 21st Century teaching and learning within the Jesuit context, Brebeuf created the state’s first 1:1 Bring Your Own Technology environment. All students are expected to carry a device for learning of their choice. The real world is full of choices. People choose which phone to text on, what type of computer to use, what technology to buy. At Brebeuf Jesuit, students are given this option from the first day of school. Students can bring in any device, attach it to the school network and access a variety of tools to meet their needs. We do not lock our students to a single operating system, a single type of device or only one way to solve problems, but encourage students to identify the tools that best fit their learning needs.

Digital Tool Box

Use our Digital Tool Box to get a resource of tools to succeed as a Brebeuf student.

The Information Technology program at Brebeuf Jesuit is one of the leading programs in the state of Indiana. Our program features advanced hardware and software, access to numerous online tools and a system that allows students to think critically while choosing the best technology to fit their needs.


Click HERE to read Frequently Asked Questions about BYOT.

For Brebeuf Jesuit, it is all about Access-Evaluate-Use, but for those interested, in-depth thoughts behind the switch to BYOT can be found at The Geek’s Reflection and Thoughts of Jen LaMaster.

Additional Resources can be found at:

Tech Petting Zoo – Options for BYOT


Student/Parent Guide to Choosing a Device

  • Have ACCESS to all the resources necessary for teaching and learning.
  • Develop EVALUATION literacies (skills) to discern appropriateness of their tools, actions and behavior.
  • Receive support in the USE of technology tools personalized to the learner.

The IT Department is centered around FOUR main concepts:

Cloud Computing

For decades, computing was all about the box that sat in front of you on the desk. Even with the growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web, the access to all of that information was still tied to the desktop or laptop that was loaded with specialized software. But with the growth of mobile computing, cell phones with Internet access, tablets and eReaders, students and adults no longer have a guaranteed suite of tools loaded onto every device. The answer is Cloud Computing: access to your work and your information anywhere, from any device. Tools to present, to communicate, to create at the tip of your fingers whether those fingers are at a desk, in the field or around the world.
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Integrated Classes

Brebeuf Jesuit has an integrated system of technology throughout its classes. Teachers provide updates through the Edline learning management system [link to cloud page], use a range of tools from blogs and online information resources to SMARTBoards and student response “clickers.” Every classroom at Brebeuf is equipped with projectors, computer, wireless Internet for student devices, and quick support from the award-winning Brebeuf Jesuit IT department. But learning should (and does) go well beyond hardware and gadgets. Students have the opportunity to experience blended learning and online courses, think critically about the ethical situations created by a technological world, and create a variety of media from music to video.
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Infrastructure and Hardware

While students are encouraged and supported in bringing their own devices and controlling their learning, Brebeuf Jesuit still has one of the most aggressive technology plans in the state. With over 12 computer labs (over half of them mobile, Computers on Wheels), a 2:1 student-to-computer ratio, standardized classroom technology and a number of pilot and course-specific tools, student are exposed to a variety of learning opportunities and find ways to apply this technology throughout their coursework.
Hardware by the numbers

Personalized Support

The heart of Brebeuf Jesuit is the students and teachers. They are supported by a phenomenal group of librarians, learning professionals and the “IT Crew” to keep systems up, hardware working and student devices connecting. Students and teachers come to the IT area for live help with school and personal devices, software, cloud tools and creative projects.