Whom to Contact

Course registration and textbook ordering:
Amy Pitcher – 317.524.7097 or apitcher@brebeuf.org.

Melissa Grabowski – 317.524.7106 or mgrabowski@brebeuf.org.

Attendance, Policies/Procedures and any other Day-to-Day Questions:
Shani Simonson, 317.524.7080 or ssimonson@brebeuf.org or Jen LaMaster, 317.524.7184 or jlamaster@brebeuf.org

Attendance Policy

To report an absence on the day of class or to arrange for a planned absence, please call Shani Simonson at 317.524.7080. As a reminder, only one day of absence is allowed for a student to receive credit for a summer school course. Any student who misses more than one day of class will be required to withdraw, will not receive credit for the course, and will be billed at a prorated rate based on the days attended.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Students should be dropped off and picked up at the gym lobby entrance.

This entrance will be open and staffed beginning at 7:15 a.m. each day of summer school.
As you drive in front of the school along the curb to drop-off/pick-up, there are two eastbound lanes, and one westbound lane. After dropping off, the easiest way to exit is to continue through to our east exit, which takes you eastbound (only) on 86th Street. If you need to go west on 86th Street instead, please do not do a u-turn in the area in front of the school to do so. Instead, continue east through the parking lot to the open area by the tennis courts and soccer field, turn around there, and come back through.

Dress Code 

Our summer dress code is more relaxed than it is during the school year. Athletic attire is acceptable. Students who have PE in the morning and another class in the afternoon, should be able to stay in the same attire for both.


The regular school lockers are unavailable during the summer due to annual cleaning. Lockers are available in the PE locker rooms, and students will need to bring their own lock to use them. We recommend that students lock up any valuable items when they are not in their possession. If you need assistance, please visit the Principal’s Office.

Food and Drink 

Students may have water in the classrooms, but not other food items. The Brebeuf Cafeteria will be open during lunchtime during Summer Session 1 (more info later on Summer Session 2) for those who want to purchase lunch to eat between classes.  Students may also choose to bring their lunch. Vending machines are also available throughout the day.


You should have already received an email from Amy Pitcher with textbook ordering information. Amy Pitcher can be contacted at apitcher@brebeuf.org.

Technology Devices 

Students will be using their devices in most of the classroom-based courses including Digital Citizenship, Speech, and Religious Studies. Incoming freshmen will receive instructions on logging in to the school network on the first day of class, as well as how they will access the online class pages and gradebook. Questions about tech devices can be directed to our CIO, JD Ferries-Rowe, at jdferries@brebeuf.org.

Physical Education Requirements

There are no uniforms required for Physical Education.  Students are asked to wear appropriate athletic attire.