Students serving in the Brebeuf Ambassador program will actively participate in the recruitment process and promote the mission of Brebeuf Jesuit in their work alongside the Office of Admissions and the Office for Institutional Advancement. 


The Brebeuf Ambassador program is an amalgamation of the former Admissions and Presidential Ambassadors programs with some slight improvements.  For a period of one school year, ambassadors participate in a multitude events, meetings, and functions centered on recruitment of future Brebeuf Braves and raising much-needed gifts in support of The Brebeuf Fund.  “Contemplatives in action” will be a hallmark of this program’s leadership, which is designed to train promising young leaders in the communication, recruitment, and fundraising skills needed to launch new initiatives and projects.

Become an Ambassador

Opportunities to participate in the Brebeuf Ambassadors program are available beginning in students’ sophomore year and continuing through senior year, though students do need to apply to the program on an annual basis. 

2018-2019 Returning Brebeuf Ambassador Application

2018-2019 Brebeuf Ambassador Application (Sophomores only)

2018-2019 Brebeuf Ambassador Teacher Recommendation Form (Sophomores only)