What criteria does Brebeuf utilize for Admissions?

Brebeuf Jesuit looks for the following in its applicants:

  • Intellectual breadth and depth in academics
  • Co-curricular involvement, in areas such as sports, music, art, speech or drama
  • Service or volunteer experience
  • Religious/spiritual experience such as church/synagogue or other opportunities for formal or informal religious exposure
  • Positive character traits, including initiative, creativity, originality, and leadership
  • Interest in attending Brebeuf Jesuit
  • In addition, Brebeuf Jesuit recognizes that a mix of qualified students from varying backgrounds (racial, ethnic, socio-economic and geographic) provides a rich experience of human interaction for all at Brebeuf Jesuit. We give special consideration to applicants who help us achieve such diversity. Brebeuf Jesuit also gives special consideration to applicants who are siblings of current students, offspring or siblings of alumni, or offspring of current faculty, staff and/or Board members.
  • As a Catholic and Interreligious school, Brebeuf Jesuit gives special consideration to applicants who are a part of the Roman Catholic tradition but also seeks to maintain a religiously diverse student body. “Special consideration” does not mean these applicants are assured admission; rather it reflects that these factors are specifically identified and taken into account in the admissions process.

How many students are admitted?

Keeping class sizes small is of high importance to us, so we typically only admit between 180-210 students.

What entrance test does Brebeuf utilize?

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is the standardized test that all private Catholic schools use in Indianapolis.  This test is used for entrance into Brebeuf Jesuit.

How do I register to take the HSPT?

You can register to take the HSPT at Brebeuf by clicking here.

Is there a minimum test score that a student must achieve?

Brebeuf Jesuit requires that students applying for admission score at the 60th percentile or receive a CSQ score of 100.

Can the HSPT scores be reported to other private schools?

Requests can be made for Brebeuf to share scores with other schools.  Requests must come directly from the parent/guardian.

Can teacher recommendations be faxed or emailed?

Teacher recommendations can be submitted to Brebeuf in a number of ways.  The preferred method is for teachers to mail the letters to Brebeuf.  However, recommendations can also be faxed (317.524.7144) or emailed to admissions@brebeuf.org, as long as they come directly from the teacher.

Can a student transfer to Brebeuf?

Brebeuf accepts transfer students during their Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year.

What G.P.A. is required for a transfer student to be admitted to Brebeuf?

Transfer students must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

What is the cost of tuition?

Tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year is $16,980.

What scholarship opportunities are available for students?

Incoming freshmen may apply for scholarships when completing the admission application.  The scholarship essay is included in the application.  Students applying for scholarships must show financial need.  In addition to the freshmen scholarships offered, students who score in the 99th percentile on the High School Placement Test also receive a $2,500 scholarship, renewable each year contingent upon maintaining a 3.5 cumulative grade point average.

Does Brebeuf offer financial aid?

Yes.  25% of Brebeuf students receive financial aid.

Is transportation offered?

Please click here to learn more about transportation offered by Brebeuf Jesuit..

How do I set up a Brave Day (shadow visit)?

For information on setting up a Brave Day (shadow visit) please click here.

Can I schedule a tour if I am younger than 8th grade?

There are many ways to learn more about Brebeuf Jesuit.  While attending an Open House is a great way to meet the faculty, staff, coaches, and current students of Brebeuf, tours are also available during the year.  Tours are typically given to interested 7th grade and 8th grade students and can be scheduled by contacting the Admissions Office at 317.524.7190 or by emailing admissions@brebeuf.org.

Is Brebeuf religiously diverse?

Approximately 50% of the student body is of Catholic faith, 30% is of Protestant faith, and 20% is made up of Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim faiths.

Does Brebeuf Jesuit provide services for students with learning disabilities?

Brebeuf’s Learning Center offers academic services for students with diagnosed learning differences.