The foundation of Brebeuf is more than the bricks and mortar of our building… it’s the people and our community.

Walk our halls, sit in on our classes, and take a full day to discern what it means to be a Brave. Much like choosing a college, many of our current students say their decision was made after spending a day at Brebeuf.

Brave Day Shadow VisitsSpend a day as a Brebeuf Jesuit student.
Open HouseTour campus, meet faculty and staff, and more.
High School Placement Tests (HSPT)Register to take your test at Brebeuf Jesuit
Information SocialsSee how our mission is alive and in action
HSPT/Brave Day ComboCross off two vital components of the search process in one day.
A Musician's Brave DayCalling all future Brave Musicians

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