Oct 24

Autumn at Brebeuf – Photography Competition

Both single artists and groups are invited to create large-scale digital works which illustrate Autumn at Brebeuf (with whatever that theme brings to mind).

The work should be submitted as a JPEG by Monday, November 5 to Mr. Winhusen at jwinhusen@brebeuf.org.  A panel of judges will select a group of six semifinalists out of which everyone will be invited to vote for their favorite.  

Voting will take place online.  The details, including the link for voting will be posted to Brebeuf.org and Brebeuf Jesuit’s social media platforms.


  • First Place: A $100 gift certificate for the Spirit Store and the photo framed and hung in the school.
  • Second Place: A $50 gift certificate for the Spirit Store.
  • Third Place: A $25 gift certificate for the Spirit Store.


  • Size: At least 15 inches in each dimension at 240 pixels/inch.  
  • Theme: Autumn at Brebeuf
  • Style: Anything from a single photo or a photo collage to anime, graffiti, Pop, Futurism, album cover art etc.
  • Artist: A single artist or a group effort are both encouraged.
  • Submission: As a JPEG to Mr. Winhusen at jwinhusen@brebeuf.org
  • Deadline: Monday, November 5

Please see Mr. Winhusen if you have questions or need help.