Jun 28

Brebeuf Jesuit 2016-2017 Book Ordering Information

Students and families may now begin ordering books and materials for the 2016-2017 school year. Be sure to have your student’s schedule handy.  

Book Ordering Information

The link to order your books online can be accessed by clicking here.

After clicking the link to visit MBS’s online site, confirm that the Brebeuf Jesuit logo is in the upper left field above “Order Books.” 

Once you have confirmed you are on Brebeuf Jesuit’s page, click on “Order Your Books,” and select your preferred method of payment. Ensure the term selected is the “2016-17 School Year” term. 

Next, simply click the checkbox next to each course using your student’s schedule to generate your shopping cart.  Free shipping will apply to orders of $99 or more until July 3, 2016.

A new feature that MBS is now offering is called “Shop by Schedule.” By inputting a student’s ID number found on the schedule that was previously sent, all required books will automatically populate. You will still be able to delete selections that you may not want before checking out.

Please note:  Brebeuf Jesuit strongly encourages parents to begin a folder dedicated to book ordering.  Here you can keep your MBS account name and password.  You will need both of these when you sell back your books at the end of May 2017.

If you need further assistance, please contact Stephanie Medcalfe at smedcalfe@brebeuf.org