Oct 12

Brebeuf Jesuit Advanced Placement (AP) Program recognized by Indiana Department of Education

Recently the Indiana Department of Education and the College Board recognized Brebeuf’s AP program “for significant achievement in Advanced Placement student access and success.” This recognition was for the large percentage of our graduating classes of 2019 and 2020 who received passing scores on AP exams.

The AP program is a key part of the student academic experience at Brebeuf Jesuit. Part of our mission is to fully prepare all of our students to excel academically at the college level. Research shows that taking an AP course and exam, and performing well, substantially impacts students’ trajectories through college. Therefore, we provide a full slate of AP course offerings, and we encourage our students to take AP courses during their time at Brebeuf. AP course curricula are developed by educators in each field, to replicate the level of study that is found in a college course, and assessed at the end of the course with a national exam. You can learn much more about the AP program here.

Some of the benefits that we see at Brebeuf Jesuit to students taking AP courses include:

  • Academic challenge, which is an essential part of the philosophy of Jesuit education
  • Personalization, as students are able to choose AP courses in different subjects based on their interests
  • Course credit and/or exemption from basic requirements at many colleges
  • Part of qualification for Indiana Academic Honors Diploma
  • Demonstrates to college admissions reviewers that a student has chosen a strong program of study
  • Future outcomes that have been demonstrated by research in the field of education, such as:
    • A higher probability of graduating college in four years
    • Likelihood in the future of taking more advanced coursework
    • Probability that the student’s college major will be in the AP subject

In recent years, Brebeuf Jesuit has increased our AP offerings with new courses including AP World History, AP Human Geography, AP Seminar, and AP Research. We were one of the first schools in the State of Indiana to be approved by the College Board to offer the AP Capstone Diploma program. We had our first group of Brebeuf Jesuit students earn the AP Capstone Diploma in the class of 2021, and we intend to grow that program in the coming years. AP course and exam participation has increased every year, to a record in 2020-21 of 486 Brebeuf Jesuit students taking a total of 959 exams!

Brebeuf’s faculty and academic leadership continue to develop our AP program to provide the best experience for all of our students. Each January, as students prepare to select courses for the coming school year, our Academic Counselors and our faculty work to help them choose the courses that will provide the best challenge, to educate them about course expectations, and to guide them in how to approach their four year plans with the best personalized strategy. Students and families can expect to receive more information about our AP offerings and course expectations as that process begins in January 2022.