Dear 1969 Classmates,

We only remember so much from reunions. They’re fun, but not everyone attends. There is still much catch up on and share. Classmates have been asking more and more about one another. So let’s keep this party rockin’!

To wit, this is your personal invitation to write a few words about the early Brebeuf years and about life after graduation.

When you’re finished, I’ll post your story at, along with your picture, to share with your Class of 1969 mates as well as the entire Brebeuf family.

Try to write 300 words, max, for each of the five “interview” questions—no more than 1,500 words total. Don’t worry; you won’t need to count them.

No biographies. Keep it real. As Salinger would have whispered, “Don’t be a phony.” Give us warts and all, thank you. #BeBrave!

This is actually pretty easy. You can save your draft and return to it later. You can upload pictures if you like. With one click, let me know when you’re finished.

When I receive enough responses, I’ll also work with Brebeuf to publish the entire collection. Don’t be left out of the fun. “Braves are known for courage…”

The deadline to complete your “brief but spectacular” story is“before Thanksgiving.”

Go, Braves!

Karl Beeler
Class of 1969

P.S: If you’re not computer savvy but wish to mail, say, a papermanuscript, reply to