Dear 1969 Classmates,

A total of 45 classmates attended one or more of this year’s 50th anniversary reunions. Remarkable! Even so, not everyone was able to attend, and those who did can’t possibly remember everything they heard. There is so much more to share.

With this in mind, I thought it might be cool to give everyone the opportunity to participate electronically—to write a few words to those who care about you.

To wit, this is your personal invitation to share not just your memories about our early Brebeuf years, but about your life after graduation as well.

Working with Brebeuf, I’ve tried to make the story-telling process easy. Via the online form below, you can provide responses and attach pictures at the same time and hit SUBMIT. Many have found it useful to craft their responses in a separate file or in a separate space and then come back to it after giving it a little thought. At that point, just transfer your responses to the online form, attach your pictures, and hit SUBMIT!

Some of us are shy by nature. Don’t be shy for this project. Let your light shine. As our school song went, “Braves are known for courage…”

And please keep it real. No polished biographies. As Holden Caulfield would say, “Don’t be a phony.” Give us warts and all. A touch of grey. We’re not all rock stars.

You might be outstanding in your field, or you could be out standing in a field. Either way, you matter.

I’m going to assume you’ll permit me to post your story at, along with your picture. Your classmates and the larger Brebeuf family will be able to read about you there.

After Thanksgiving, we’ll start posting individual stories at Later in the year, if we have enough stories, I’ll work with Brebeuf to have the whole collection published in magazine form. What a great addition to your worldly belongings!

Clearly, then, the deadline to complete your own “brief, but spectacular” story is before Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Go, Braves!

Karl Beeler
Class of 1969