Each fall our Brebeuf Jesuit community unites to support The Brebeuf Fund in an inspiring one-week effort, highlighting the importance of philanthropy and its role in being men and women for others during Philanthropy Week.  This year, Philanthropy Week begins on Monday, September 27 and ends with Giving Day on Friday, October 1.  Last year, your gifts raised more than $200,000 providing the necessary resources to ensure our Brebeuf Jesuit faculty and staff provide the formative, exceptional Brebeuf Jesuit educational experience. Every gift to The Brebeuf Fund ensures we are able to remain true to the mission of Brebeuf, to the principles of St. Ignatius, educating all of our gifted and capable students, regardless of financial circumstances.

This Giving Day, please join us as we continue our important work in forming Braves who will carry the torch of St. Ignatius.  Let us celebrate this incredible and special community that has showcased the respect and understanding needed to drive our new year, to care for one another in remarkable ways, to showcase what it means to be for others.


Thank you for ensuring Brave futures!



Your gift to The Brebeuf Fund provides Brebeuf Jesuit faculty and staff the necessary resources to put our core values into action –with exceptional academics and teaching, spiritual growth opportunities, financial aid scholarships for those in need, and supporting the operations of buildings, grounds and campus. Every gift to The Brebeuf Fund has the power to enhance the experience of ALL Brebeuf Jesuit students as well as the remarkable work of Brebeuf Jesuit teachers.  To learn more about how gifts to The Brebeuf Fund benefit our community, visit The Brebeuf Fund page.

Help us meet our Giving Day goal of 250 donors by making your gift TODAY. Thank you for partnering with us to Ensure Brave Futures!


Thank you to all of our donors for your continued support of Brebeuf Jesuit! Please join them in supporting Brebeuf Jesuit by sharing “Why I give?” on social media with the hashtag #BrebeufGives.

Gifts received now until Giving Day on October 1 will be counted in our #BrebeufGives Philanthropy Week totals.

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