Feb 8

Brebeuf Summer Integrated Chemistry Physics (ICP) Course

This summer, Brebeuf Jesuit will be offering an Integrated Chemistry/Physics (ICP) course. This course is recommended for students needing or desiring additional preparation for either Chemistry I or Physics I at Brebeuf.

ICP serves as an introductory course for both Chemistry and Physics moving at a pace that allows for greater reflection and remediation.  Students completing the course often feel more confident about their work in future science classes. By taking ICP in the summer, students can stay on the most common science progression, taking Chemistry as sophomores and possibly Physics as juniors.

This summer option could benefit the following students:

  • Freshman currently recommended for ICP during sophomore year.
  • Freshman challenged by Algebra I (typically earning a C+ or lower in Algebra I) and enrolled in Chemistry during sophomore year.

In addition, students taking ICP in the summer will have a shorter turnaround from ICP to their next course, allowing for greater retention of curriculum.


Integrated Chemistry/Physics (ICP)


June 12-30, 2017 and July 10-28, 2017 (Both Summer Sessions)


7:30-11:30 a.m.

If you have questions about this course or whether this option would benefit your student, please contact your student’s Academic Counselor or the ICP Instructor Jason Rott at jrott@brebeuf.org.