Mar 15

Brebeuf and Butler University Work Together to Offer College Credit in Latin

Since its inception in 2006, the Latin program at Brebeuf continues to innovate. What started as 21 discipuli is now a thriving program of 100 discipli with two Magistrae (teachers). We offer a full range of Latin classes (Levels  I-V) and next year we will also offer Medical and Scientific Terminology open to all sophomores and above.

For some students learning complicated ancient grammar is exciting. Others find they can easily connect with the wide legacy of Latin literature.  Still others engage their imaginations in the diverse and etiological nature of Greco-Roman Mythology. In most cases the Latin itself draws students, but our trips to Italy and unique qualifications of our instructors also draw students.

Brebeuf has partnered with Butler University to offer optional Butler credit for Latin IV or V.  Brebeuf Magistra Rosina Catalan worked with the Department of Philosophy, Religion, and Classics at Butler to create this new offering. Professor Catalan, as she is called at the college level, regularly teaches classes such as Roman Perspectives and Greek Art and Myth at Butler.

Whether it’s in the field ascending Mount Vesuvius or in the classrooms of Brebeuf, our instructors Magistra Kris Schwickrath and Magistra Rosina Catalan continue to prepare our discipuli for college. As the poet Vergil once stated Fortes Fortuna Adjuvat (Fortune Favors the Brave) and those Braves who are bold enough to take Advanced Latin can now choose to benefit by receiving college credit.

If your third or fourth year Latin Brave is interested in this option contact Magistra Rosina Catalan at