If you are the father of a Brebeuf Jesuit Prep student, you are already a member of the Dads Club!

There are no dues to pay, no forms to fill out.  Simply join us at the next Dads Club get-together, or volunteer to work at a Dads Club signature event.  All dads are needed and welcome!

The primary purpose of the Dads Club is to facilitate camaraderie among the fathers of Brebeuf students.  Monthly get-togethers and Dads Club signature events throughout the year provide these opportunities for community building.

Dads Club signature events include tailgate-style cookouts at various Brebeuf outdoor sporting events (football games, but also soccer, baseball, lacrosse, track & field, etc.). If you like flipping hamburgers, we need you. The spring semester is highlighted by the Senior Cookout and Dads Donuts. We need lots of Dads to make these events memorable!

Fundraising is accomplished through sales of Dads Club Brave Circle memberships, which include, as tokens of the Club’s appreciation, vouchers for our Russell’s Reserve Small Batch Single Barrell Bourbon or Dads Club Wine.

All funds raised directly impact Dads Club initiatives.

The Dads Club occupies a vital spot in the culture of Brebeuf Jesuit.  Thank you for getting involved!

Dads Club Executive Board

President – Jim Cota – jim@rarebirdinc.com
Vice President – David Hartley – DHartley@hhdepot.com
Past President – Mark Schafer – mpschafer@schaferpowdercoating.com

The charism of the Brebeuf Jesuit Dads Club is hospitality.