Diversity Dialogues

Diversity Dialogues are monthly, moderated discussions on topics that connect to diversity and its impact on the life of the school, the city, the nation and beyond. At these events, Brebeuf Jesuit students can explore a wide range of issues and share their opinions with their peers in a respectful, educational environment. Diversity of thought is welcomed, encouraged and affirmed in these dialogues.

Past topics for the dialogues have included:

  • Perspectives on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict
  • Title IX and Brebeuf
  • The Color Line Revisited: Is Racism Dead
  • Are we a Post-Racial Society?
  • What Does it Mean to be a School that Embraces Religious Diversity?
  • Native American Sensitivity
  • Why Should Life in the Developing World Matter to Us?
  • The Changing Demographics of Indianapolis
  • Discussion of the Results of the Climate Survey
  • BJPS Diversity Clubs Speak for Themselves
  • The Presidential Election: What Does it Say About the Status of Diversity in America
  • The Changing Face of Poverty in Central Indiana
  • Everyday Bigotry
  • A Discussion of the Movie Crash: Challenges in a Multicultural Society

Co-Curricular Clubs with Equity and Inclusion Missions

Asian Club
Black Student Union
Jewish Student Union
Gender-Sexuality Alliance

Annual Festivals and Convocations

Brebeuf Jesuit students open their minds and hearts to the diversity within our society and around the world at annual events, including: the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation; the Celebration of Black Culture; the Asian Festival; Yom Ha’Shoah Observance and many more.

The Center for Leadership Development (CLD) Scholarship

Brebeuf Jesuit, in partnership with the Center for Leadership Development (CLD), solicits applications for a scholarship exclusively available to young men and women who are candidates for freshman admission to the school. The scholarship is intended to meet the full institutionally-determined need of chosen applicants through a mix of merit-based/need-based aid, grants, institutional sources, and/or student employment (work study). To determine the need on which to base the award, all applicants must also complete the financial aid application process that is a regular component of the Brebeuf Jesuit application process. The scholarship is renewable each year of the student’s Brebeuf Jesuit career that he or she maintains a GPA of 3.0 or above.

Please click here to learn more about the CLD Scholarship