Student Initiatives

Global and Local Immersion Trips

At Brebeuf Jesuit, students are supported as they build cross-cultural awareness and understanding of global issues through club participation, domestic and international travel opportunities, and experiential learning. There are more than 14 international and domestic trips annually, providing students the unique opportunity to experience lived diversity and the rich histories that have shaped our present. The Center for Equity and Inclusion is eager to expand upon these experiences and engage students in opportunities that spark further social justice and equity dialogue.

Student-Led Diversity Weeks

Student-led diversity weeks and months are an integral part of the Brebeuf Jesuit experience, and they take place throughout the school year. These weeks create opportunities for our students to engage staff and peers in intentional discussions that build understanding and appreciation for individual differences. Students utilize media programming, Campus Ministry, guest speakers, and daily announcements to draw in faculty, staff, fellow students, and other members of the Brebeuf Jesuit community.

Co-Curricular Clubs with Equity and Inclusion Missions

The Center for Equity and Inclusion sponsors eight multicultural clubs, including Young Women of Color, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Mi Familia, and Black Student Union, among others. Over 500 students participate in supported workshops, dozens of speaker series, and service projects each year.

Faculty Engagement

Over the last year, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School has worked to strengthen opportunities for professional development relative to equity and inclusion. In collaboration with the Center of Equity and Inclusion, a number of new opportunities have been established, including:

Culturally Responsive Teaching Training

Indianapolis is diverse across race, religion, and ethnicity. As diversity at Brebeuf Jesuit continues to grow, so does the need for Jesuit educators to be culturally responsive in their curricular content and pedagogy. The Center for Equity and Inclusion conducts workshops and seminars annually to equip faculty and staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to approaching conversations thoughtfully both in- and outside of the classroom.

Implicit Bias and Intercultural Development Training

As faculty and staff are onboarded, the Center for Equity and Inclusion works to help all new hires understand their own biases and where they fall on the intercultural spectrum. Subsequent training and workshops are provided and designed to enhance teaching and awareness.

Faculty and Staff In-Service Days

To enhance collaboration and camaraderie among faculty and staff, we also encourage community engagement and provide opportunities for hands-on experiences to serve our local community.

DEI Book Clubs and Discussion Groups

Book clubs are offered each semester to give faculty and staff the opportunity to learn, grow, and facilitate discourse in a safe, collaborative space. Discussions are relative to the specific subject matter and create greater understanding based on the multiple perspectives and lived experiences of each participant.

Recruitment and Retention of Educators of Color

Understanding the importance of representation, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School is directing more attention to recruiting faculty and staff who reflect the growing diversity within our student body. As the leading private secondary education institution in the state, we are committed to increasing the presence of role models for our underrepresented students. Such enrichment helps to promote diversity within our own student body, and to ensure that all of our students see a place for themselves on our campus and in our community.

Parents and Community

Mothers Association Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Mothers Association (MA) Equity and Inclusion Committee meets monthly to create a more supportive and inclusive environment that engages mothers/guardians from all backgrounds. The goal of this committee is to celebrate and respect our community’s differences. Learning about and appreciating diversity is a lifelong learning process, and the MA Equity and Inclusion Committee continuously strives to promote these values on and off campus. They engage students in activities, plan events, and recommend improvements to ensure a safe and welcoming community for all.

E&I Speaker Series

The Center for Equity and Inclusion is pleased to sponsor the E&I Speaker Series. Invited leaders and alumni from exemplary businesses and academic institutions will – through narratives, personal experience, and deep reflection – inspire and energize our Brave audiences and generate a platform for contemplative learning and appreciation.

Diversity Dialogues

Led by students and CEI staff, diversity dialogues are a fun and engaging way to discuss important topics relevant to our community. These “talk show style” dialogues engage parents, families, and faculty/staff in important and enlightening conversation and growth both in- and outside the classroom.

Previous topics for the dialogues have included:

  • Perspectives on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict
  • Title IX and Brebeuf
  • The Color Line Revisited: Is Racism Dead
  • Are we a Post-Racial Society?
  • What Does it Mean to be a School that Embraces Religious Diversity?
  • Native American Sensitivity
  • Why Should Life in the Developing World Matter to Us?
  • The Changing Demographics of Indianapolis
  • Discussion of the Results of the Climate Survey
  • BJPS Diversity Clubs Speak for Themselves
  • The Presidential Election: What Does it Say About the Status of Diversity in America
  • The Changing Face of Poverty in Central Indiana
  • Everyday Bigotry
  • A Discussion of the Movie Crash: Challenges in a Multicultural Society

Annual Festivals and Convocations

Brebeuf Jesuit students open their minds and hearts to the diversity in our society and around the world at annual events, including the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation; the Celebration of Black Culture; the Asian Festival; Yom Ha’Shoah Observance; and many more.


The Center for Leadership Development (CLD) Scholarship

Brebeuf Jesuit, in partnership with the Center for Leadership Development (CLD), solicits applications for a scholarship exclusively available to young men and women who are candidates for freshman admission to the school. This scholarship is intended to meet the full institutionally determined need of chosen applicants through a mix of merit-based and need-based aid, grants, institutional sources, and/or student employment (work study). To determine the need on which to base the award, all applicants must also complete the financial aid application process that is a regular component of the Brebeuf Jesuit application process. The scholarship is renewable each year of the student’s Brebeuf Jesuit career that they maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above.

Please click here to learn more about the CLD Scholarship