Individual offices or departments and their committees coordinate the selection processes for the following scholarships and awards. Unless otherwise noted in the description, these awards do not require an application or open-nomination process. 

Jonathan Ilagan Chemistry Prize
Science Department

Characteristics of a Jonathan Ilagan Chemistry Prize recipient include:

  • Current senior 
  • Most outstanding chemistry student

Jonathan Ilagan Memorial Science Scholarship
Science Department

Scholarship recipients must display the following characteristics:

  • Current senior
  • Outstanding in science, particularly chemistry and physics
  • Demonstrates significant concern for world issues
  • Greatly values friendship

Thomas L. Fialkowski Mathematics Award
Math Department

The Thomas L. Fialkowski Mathematics Award was established in memory of a former Brebeuf Jesuit math teacher. Award recipients must display the following characteristics:

  • Current senior
  • Has completed or will complete all three semesters of AP Calculus prior to their graduation
  • Has a demonstrated love of mathematics beyond the classroom

Ignatian Math Award
Math Department

All Jesuit schools follow the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm, which accentuates five elements that characterize the learning experience in Jesuit education: context, experience, reflection, action, and evaluation. The Math Department strives to follow the Ignatian Paradigm to form students who are able to see context, relish experience, act at the presentation of a problem, reflect on what they have learned, and evaluate their learning experience. This award goes to a senior student each year who has demonstrated resiliency and growth over time in their mathematics classes.

Fred B. McCashland Endowed Senior Scholarship
Social Studies Department

Fred McCashland was a beloved teacher who held many roles during his time at the Prep, including Social Studies Department Chair, government teacher, Principal, and even Interim President. Scholarship recipients must display the following characteristics:

  • Current senior student
  • 3.20+ GPA
  • Goes above and beyond in social studies classes

Note: The Social Studies Department will nominate three senior students who meet the above scholarship qualifications. Candidates are asked to write an essay of 500 words or more on a section found in James Madison’s Federalist Papers. After careful review and consideration of each student’s essay, the Social Studies Department selects one scholarship recipient.

Louise Haugh Poetry and Fiction Prize
English Department

The Louise Haugh Poetry and Fiction Prize was named in honor of a former Brebeuf Jesuit English teacher. Recipients of the Louise Haugh Poetry and Fiction Prize must: 

  • Be a current sophomore, junior, or senior
  • Exhibit a passion for creative writing in a variety of forms
  • Empower other student voices in creative writing endeavors
  • Demonstrate personal pursuit of creative writing opportunities – in and out of the classroom

Fr. Al Bischoff, S.J., Saint of God Award
Religious Studies Department

This award is named for a beloved former rector, Fr. Al Bischoff, S.J. Award recipients must display the following characteristics:

  • Current senior student
  • Man or woman for others
  • Openness and respect for their faith tradition and those of others
  • “A” average in all four years of religious studies
  • Active member of faith community
  • Goes above and beyond in service to community
  • Involved in retreats and/or peer ministry
  • Demonstrates evidence of personal religious study beyond class work
  • Person of prayer

Bob Lampert Art Award
Visual & Performing Arts Department

Bob Lampert, the first art teacher at Brebeuf Jesuit, established this award upon his retirement. It was Mr. Lampert’s wish that the award recipient embody three criteria:

  • Dedication in the development of artistic skills and creative reasoning
  • Discipline in the participation in contests and the production of a portfolio
  • Generosity in the use of artistic skills for the benefit of the school and the wider community

Joe Harvey Mental Attitude Award
Athletics Office

The Joe Harvey Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of beloved Brebeuf Jesuit Athletic Trainer, Joe Harvey, who passed away in 2011. This award goes to a senior each year who demonstrates exceptional leadership as a student-athlete. 

Burlsworth Character Award
Athletics Office

The Burlsworth Character Award honors a senior varsity football player who may or may not be a top athletic performer, but who represents the ideals and values that Brandon Burlsworth had: to give 100 percent on the field and to stand as a moral example to his team.

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