Students may be nominated for the following by Brebeuf Jesuit faculty or staff members. Unless specifically noted in the description, these scholarships do not require an application process.

Tim Boldt Memorial Scholarship

This award was created to honor the memory of Tim Boldt ’98, who passed away during his senior year at Brebeuf Jesuit. Consideration will be given to a student who exhibits the qualities that made Tim such a special member of the Brebeuf community. Scholarship recipients must display the following characteristics:

  • Current senior student
  • Fun-loving, gentle, charismatic personality that draws people together
  • A love of music
  • An enjoyment of learning and reading for fun outside of class
  • Tolerance for the views of others
  • Ability to bring out the good in others and make them feel special

Bart McCormick Memorial Scholarship

This award was created to honor the memory of Bart McCormick ’92, who passed away while in college. This award is given to a student possessing the qualities that made Bart such a unique member of the Brebeuf Jesuit family and the embodiment of the Brebeuf Jesuit motto, “Men and Women for Others.” The characteristics of a McCormick Scholarship recipient include:

  • Current male junior student
  • Charismatic leadership, personal initiative, inner strength, and ceaseless determination
  • Compassion, integrity, maturity, and intellectual yearning
  • Selflessness, and the ability to inspire and serve as an example for others

Ellen Foster Memorial Scholarship

This award was established in the honor and memory of Brebeuf Jesuit alumna, Ellen Foster ‘81, who passed away in 1995. This award is presented to a student who displays the qualities that made Ellen Foster such a well-loved member of the Brebeuf Jesuit community, and a leader among her peers. Characteristics of an Ellen Foster Memorial Scholarship recipient include:

  • Current senior student
  • Current or past varsity athlete
  • 3.3+ GPA (Scholarship Committee will verify)
  • Joyful inspiration to others
  • Unassuming attitude
  • Courageous, independent spirit
  • Clear-sighted with compassion and integrity
  • Has an intense love for, and is a friend to all of God’s creation

Note: Nominated students who meet the senior class, GPA, and varsity athlete requirements are invited to write a 1-2 page essay. After careful review of nominations and essays, a select number of nominees will be invited to interview with members of the Foster family. Unlike our other Spring Honors Convocation scholarships, the application process for this award traditionally happens during the fall semester. That being said, the award is still presented in the spring.

James Howard Memorial Science Scholarship
Science Department

Scholarship recipients must display the following characteristics:

  • Current senior
  • Science-focused
  • 3.0+ GPA

Note: The Science Department nominates four outstanding students for this scholarship. Each nominee receives an application from the Office of Institutional Advancement to complete. Following receipt of these applications, the James Howard Scholarship Interview Committee will interview each nominee, review their information, and after careful consideration and deliberation, select a scholarship recipient. In previous years, the interview committee has included both Brebeuf Jesuit faculty/staff members, and friends and former classmates of James Howard. 

Questions about Nomination-Based Scholarships? Contact Annie Melbert at