Sixty years ago, Fr. Bill Schmidt, S.J., the first president of Brebeuf Jesuit, had the dream of starting what was, and remains, the only Jesuit school in Indiana. In the Fall of 1962, that dream became a reality, as 168 freshmen boys walked into a brand new building to become part of history.

Since its founding, Brebeuf Jesuit has cultivated the fullness of its students’ God-given talents to create men and women for others. Brebeuf Jesuit is excited to share two initiatives that we will embark on together to strengthen the very foundation of our School, enrich our students’ learning environment, and continue to position Brebeuf Jesuit as a premier college preparatory institution.

Capital Campaign Goal:  $15 Million

Brebeuf Jesuit is poised to add to its history of dynamic and innovative approaches to education that strives to continually raise the expectations and definition of excellence. Our vision for the school’s future is that Brebeuf Jesuit, rooted in the Jesuit tradition, will be the best college preparatory school in central Indiana by providing an outstanding academic program and ensuring the education of the whole person. To achieve this mission, we must address the utilization of our learning environment, the preservation of our physical plant, and the necessary resources to make a Jesuit education possible for future generations of Brebeuf Jesuit students.

The leadership of Brebeuf Jesuit is actively engaged in efforts to expand and enhance our facility and support our long-term financial stability through an expanded endowment. The financial targets for the campaign include:

  • $6 Million: Student Center
  • $9 Million: Endowment Support

Project: Student Center

Goal: $6 Million

Student collaboration, a distinctive schedule, and utilization of PRTs (Personal Responsibility Time) are unique elements embedded in a Brebeuf Jesuit education. In order to best accommodate this optimal learning environment, additional space is needed. To achieve this goal, there is an opportunity to expand the existing cafeteria and add a new student commons for additional space.

The cafeteria will be expanded to accommodate an updated kitchen, additional seating, an outdoor patio, and an open floor plan to maximize the space and allow for more natural light. The vision is to create a place where students and faculty/staff gather, refuel, enjoy a meal, and build community, share stories, and form friendships.

A modernized kitchen will feature an enlarged food preparation space and state-of-the-art industrial appliances, which will allow for an expanded menu of freshly prepared entrees. The serving lines will be redesigned to improve efficiency, including the addition of grab-and-go stations with healthy choices. Additionally, comfortable, flexible seating options will allow students to utilize the space based on their needs for that day – to be in a group or independent setting.

Additional space is needed to design a proper Student Center – a light-filled, inviting place where students can connect socially in a welcoming environment and effective learning space. This space will be surrounded by new student-centered offices including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Campus Ministry, and Community Service. The result will be an efficient, multi-use facility that increases participation, collaboration, and interaction among students, faculty, and staff.

Project:  Endowment Support

Goal $9 Million

As the only Jesuit school in Indiana, we have the distinction of not only providing a superior academic environment for our students, but also one where they are encouraged to explore and develop their full potential, deepen their faith, and grow as men and women for others. Each year, Brebeuf Jesuit must raise the funds necessary to maintain a needs-blind admissions policy and make a Jesuit education available to every deserving student, while maintaining the campus grounds, operations, faculty salaries, and program support initiatives. Endowed funds work to establish a consistency in growth of the funds available.

Presently, Brebeuf Jesuit’s endowment is valued at over $18 million. By policy, investments are made using a long-term horizon. We follow coordinated endowment objectives regarding fundraising, spending, and investment that will protect the principal of the fund and produce above-average long-term total returns, while maintaining a prudent level of risk. These objectives allow Brebeuf Jesuit to maintain its distribution rate of 4.5% based on a 12-quarter rolling average. Distributions benefit scholarships, mission and cultural immersion experiences, capital projects, faculty development funds, and program enhancements across campus as directed by individual fund guidelines.

Support the Capital Campaign

We welcome the privilege to work alongside you, our Brebeuf Jesuit community, to continue educating our students as whole people, and ensuring that the same educational opportunities are available to every future Brebeuf student.

We are overwhelmed by the $9 million we have already secured during the leadership phase of this campaign, and we sincerely thank you for your tremendous generosity during this monumental time in Brebeuf’s history. With your continued support, we will no doubt achieve our $15 million goal. We look forward to working with you to make this dream of ours a reality.

Thank you for allowing me to share our exciting news with you. God’s blessings to you all.