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May 22 Student Spotlight – Sophia Ferries-Rowe ’19

Loves About Brebeuf I love that at Brebeuf, no student has to fit in to only one box, and the education is student-centric. Teachers, coaches, and other students understand that no person has only one passion, so they are allowed to pursue multiple projects without judgment. Future Plans Next year, I will be attending the […]

May 15 Student Spotlight – Sean Swenson ’19

Loves About Brebeuf I love the sense of community Brebeuf Jesuit has. Brebeuf Jesuit also provides their students with a learning experience quite different than most schools in the country. That is a huge part of what makes Brebeuf such a dynamic learning environment. The structure of Brebeuf’s schedule has been a huge help to […]

May 8 Student Spotlight – Charlie Dapp ’19

Loves About Brebeuf From the moment I stepped on Brebeuf’s campus, I knew there was something special about the way things functioned here and the people who walked the halls. In my four years, I have realized that this feeling came from the truly amazing connection that students and teachers have, the ability for students […]

Apr 24 Student Spotlight – Alex Ezell ’19

Loves About Brebeuf There is so much that I love about Brebeuf, but what I love the most is the inclusive and open community. As an example, many schools shy away from discussing important, but controversial topics that have to do with things such as race and religion. Brebeuf actually encourages its students and faculty […]

Apr 11 Sibling Day Celebration 2019

This week, we celebrated National Sibling Day by chatting with a few of our seniors about their siblings – what makes them proud, most annoying habits, and so much more. Click through the slideshow below to catch a glimpse of the special bond between siblings.

Apr 3 Student Spotlight – Sammi Bilitz ’19

Loves About Brebeuf The community at Brebeuf is like none I’ve ever seen before. I really love how supportive everyone is; all my teachers are engaged and want to know how I am doing, and people in the hallways wave and smile at me. I also love the diversity at Brebeuf – it’s really important […]

Mar 27 Student Spotlight – Avalon Husain ’19

Loves About Brebeuf I love the warmth in Brebeuf. Every single day, I know there are countless teachers, coaches, and friends who care about me and are always rooting for me. Brebeuf is truly a community; every single person is not simply accepted, but welcomed and cherished with open arms. Future Plans My specific college […]

Mar 13 Student Spotlight – Mary Claire Molloy ’19

Loves About Brebeuf I love how open and loving the Brebeuf community is. In and outside of class, I’ve had so many tough conversations about pressing issues in our country and world today with my peers. That kind of open dialogue is priceless. Likewise, I feel that the Brebeuf teachers and administrators are very good […]

Mar 7 Student Spotlight – Ben Newman ’19

Loves About Brebeuf I love the people that work at Brebeuf, as over these last four years I’ve become pretty close with some of them, especially the ones in the language department even though my Spanish and Latin are trash. Brebeuf’s soccer team has always been great making soccer season by far my favorite time […]

Mar 4 Student Spotlight – Clare Bruen ’19

Loves About Brebeuf I love how everyone is welcomed into the Brebeuf community. It is a community that supports each other in times of celebration and struggle. You can always find someone to laugh with or even teach you math during a PRT. I also love how the faculty gets to know students not only […]

Feb 14 Student Spotlight – Julia Phillips ’19

Loves About Brebeuf I love the student-teacher relationships that are made at Brebeuf. I could sit for an hour in the English office and have a conversation about the most random thing with a teacher. It’s that type of culture that truly makes Brebeuf unique. Future Plans I have wanted to be an architect since […]

Feb 1 Student Spotlight – Alexis Maurer ’19

Loves About Brebeuf I love that the teachers all want their students to succeed. I love the retreats. I love going to school with my sister, Tessa. I love seeing Leo Magid in the hallway. Future Plans I am going to IU next fall and will be majoring in education! I either want to teach […]

Feb 1 Student Spotlight – Katie O’Donnell ’19

Loves About Brebeuf I love walking down the senior hallway and seeing all my classmates and teachers. The people at Brebeuf are what make me love this place; I’m always excited to come to school and see everyone. Future Plans Next year, I plan to go to Indiana University or the University of Notre Dame. In […]

Jan 29 Brebeuf Jesuit Closed January 30, 2019

UPDATE: Due to dangerous weather conditions, Brebeuf Jesuit will be closed tomorrow, January 30, 2019. Students will have a Virtual Learning Day.  Brebeuf Jesuit is approved for the Virtual Learning Day Inclement Weather Option for 2018-19. Virtual Learning Days are meant to help highly integrated schools continue teaching and learning outside the walls of the […]

Jan 11 Student Spotlight – Sophie Manuel ’19

Loves About Brebeuf What isn’t there to love about Brebeuf? The incredibly open and accepting atmosphere, the extreme flexibility you have in making your schedule, the accessibility to talk to your teachers and the countless opportunities to travel abroad and to become a man or woman for others. Additionally, I love how you are able […]

Dec 20 Spring Break Urban Immersion Trip, 2019 – Chicago

Applications are available for the 2019 Spring Break Service/Immersion Trip. When:  Sunday, March 31-Thursday, April 4, 2019  Place:  Chicago, Illinois What:  A variety of experiences ranging from soup kitchens to urban gardening programs. We will also take time to explore significant cultural landmarks and neighborhoods of Detroit. Who:  The trip is open to all Brebeuf […]

Dec 19 Pine Ridge Cultural Immersion and Mission Trip – Deadline Extended to January 21, 2019

Pine Ridge Cultural Immersion and Mission Trip South Dakota June 7-23, 2019 Application Deadline: January 21, 2019 Chaperones:        Karen Beck, Program Director(Spanish teacher – World Languages Department) Brebeuf Chaperone(s) – TBD Michael Dwyer, Japanese teacher, North Central High School (Spouse of Shihling Chui-Dwyer, Brebeuf Jesuit Chinese teacher.  Michael chaperoned Pine Ridge 2017). Spiritual Advisors: […]

Dec 17 Student Spotlight – Reagan Hopp ’19

Loves About Brebeuf The thing I love most about Brebeuf is the schedule. I think it really helps with time management and is especially great for students who need to meet with teachers. Our schedule makes us very unique, and I love showing and explaining it to others. Future Plans I plan on attending Seton […]

Dec 11 Student Spotlight – Amol Kular ’19

Loves About Brebeuf My favorite part of Brebeuf is the community, like a lot of my classmates have said. Being the only kid coming from my middle school in my grade, I thought it would be hard to adjust, but I quickly became friends with teammates on the basketball team freshman year and made close friends through […]

Dec 3 Student Spotlight – Simon Banks ’19

Loves About Brebeuf What I love about Brebeuf is that our school environment is one that pushes you to be successful in your classes. The teachers and administration not only want you to succeed, but they also show that they are just as invested in your education as you are. Future Plans I am currently […]