Oct 26 Month of Magis Donor Story – The Dapp Family

Over the last 20 years, Liz and Jason Dapp have demonstrated to their children the importance of Magis – of doing the more, the better, the greater, for God, not for themselves.  Being true men and women for others means being willing to shift focus and notice those around you, to notice challenges and care […]

Oct 26 Month of Magis Donor Story – The Marchesani Family

Marlene and Bob Marchesani have four Brebeuf Jesuit alumni in their family – Allison ’08, Andrew ’12, Matthew ’18 and son-in-law Jeff Ackerman ’08. Marlene is an optometrist with her practice on the Eastside of Indianapolis and Bob is a Lilly retiree who is now working as board member and strategic consultant in the pharma […]

Oct 16 Month of Magis Donor Story – The Ezell Family

“My wife and I cannot say enough about how great the Brebeuf community has been for our children.  We believe that children are a product of their environment, things to which they are exposed.  For us, Brebeuf has exposed our children to how they can be better people in society.  It has helped them understand […]

Oct 16 Month of Magis Donor Story – The Pahud Family

The Pahud family has been part of the Brebeuf Jesuit community for more than 12 years, graduating three wonderfully successful Brave alumni – Wil (2012), Janie (2015) and John (2018).  Their passion for Brebeuf can be seen in the many ways in which they share their time and leadership.  Dana is a former Bistro Co-Chair […]

Oct 12 Month of Magis Donor Story – The Humbert Family

Since 2014, when AJ (now a sophomore at Indiana University) stepped foot onto Brebeuf Jesuit’s campus as a freshman, the Humbert family has affectionately called our community home.  They have shared their time, talent, and treasure with Brebeuf, dedicating hundreds of hours as part of our Mother’s Association, as a Bistro Chair, and a Dad’s […]

Oct 12 Month of Magis Donor Story – The Detherage Family

Andy and Julie Detherage officially joined the Brebeuf Jesuit community in the fall of 2009, when their daughter, Ashley, began her freshman year. Since that time, all three of their daughters have graduated from Brebeuf Jesuit – Ashley ’13 (Vanderbilt), Izzy ’16 (Yale), and Ellie ’18 (Indiana University). Over the last ten years, they have been […]

Oct 5 Month of Magis Donor Story – The Mencias Family

Suzanne and Ron Mencias Olivia ’23 and Marisa (future Brave, ’25) “Brebeuf Jesuit is much more than a high school; it truly is a community for the students and their families. It is much more than academics.  Yes, the rigorous academic classwork, college preparedness, low staff / student ratio are a few reasons why it […]

Oct 5 Month of Magis Donor Story – The Garrett Family

“Brebeuf Jesuit creates an environment in which students are challenged within and outside the classroom, where compassion and acceptance are the norms for all.  Our children, David ’09 and Abigail ’13, were the beneficiaries of an outstanding education and a smorgasbord of activities at which they could excel.   Brebeuf Jesuit provides a foundation for success.  […]

Sep 19 Month of Magis Donor Story – The Hollins Family

Morgan (Kenner) ’00 and Christopher Hollins “Following Brebeuf Jesuit, I attended The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. I loved the mathematical and economics background on which it focused.  I then attended Harvard Law School and, upon graduation in 2008, began my practice in mergers and acquisitions in New York, which I now continue at […]

Sep 19 Month of Magis Donor Story – The Bedel Family

Abbe (Sechrist) ’01 and Evan Bedel ‘01 Owen (future Brave, ’30) and Ace (future Brave, ’32) Abbe and Evan Bedel are one of Brebeuf Jesuit’s own “Bravehearts” (married alumni), and have been an integral part of Brebeuf Jesuit since graduating in 2001.  Evan is a current member of the Board of Trustees and Past President […]

Sep 19 Month of Magis Donor Story – The Smith Family

Brooke (Oliver) ’88 and Bryan Smith Abby ‘20, Maggie ‘20, George ‘22, and Charlie ‘24 “Brebeuf has had an incredible impact on my life. It not only helped create the foundation for lifelong friendships and relationships, but also instilled a deep appreciation of the Jesuit values that we try to incorporate into our family’s daily […]