Sep 30

Celebrating Philanthropy with Anita Joshi and Arun Jain

You are Valued and Welcome

Anita Joshi and Arun Jain
Nikhil ‘17, Nina ‘20

Anita Joshi is a current member of the Board of Trustees and serves as a member of our Medical Task Force, which provides health and safety consultation for campus operations.

“We joined the Brebeuf family in 2013 when Nikhil enrolled as a freshmen.  We had been familiar with Brebeuf for much longer, as our children both attended The Orchard School and knew many families that were alumni or had current students enrolled. It was comforting to have those families with whom we could share and learn during our decision making process.

Brebeuf’s commitment to academic excellence is something I think most people know.  However, what impresses me most is the way that faculty, staff and students really come together as a community.  As a Hindu family, we always felt very comfortable in holding true to our faith, while still being an inclusive part of the larger faith community around us.  Brebeuf may be one of the few high schools where all students really feel valued and welcomed.  The environment that is created is one of collaboration and caring.  I think both my children learned how to think critically and to view issues from multiple perspectives. This couldn’t be more important than in today’s world.

Brebeuf’s promise of creating men and women for others is not a hollow one.  My children have benefited greatly from their opportunities to serve the community.  They view the world through a lens of compassion and empathy.  We have seen Brebeuf rise to the challenges by truly living out their mission at every turn.  This is why I stay involved as a non-catholic and parent of two alumni, we truly believe in the mission of the school.”