Sep 19

Month of Magis Donor Story – The Smith Family

Brooke (Oliver) ’88 and Bryan Smith

Abby ‘20, Maggie ‘20, George ‘22, and Charlie ‘24

“Brebeuf has had an incredible impact on my life. It not only helped create the foundation for lifelong friendships and relationships, but also instilled a deep appreciation of the Jesuit values that we try to incorporate into our family’s daily life. We are fortunate to be able to send our four children to Brebeuf.  Their experience has only deepened our love and appreciation for the school and the broader Brebeuf community.  We just celebrated two graduations, Abigail ’20 and Margaret ’20, who are studying at Georgetown and Purdue respectively, and have two more braves coming up behind them, George ’22 and Charlie ’24.  It truly has been a blessing to watch how Brebeuf is shaping them and their beliefs that they will carry forward into their adult lives.

What impresses us most about Brebeuf is the focus and dedication to the Jesuit values.  Seeing these values play out in real world circumstances over the last few years, has made us even more proud to be a part of the Brebeuf community.  The focus on the Jesuit values is so ingrained into every aspect of the education at Brebeuf.  I can honestly say that I have gained a deeper appreciation for the Jesuit values through our kids attending Brebeuf than I did as a student.

We are inspired to give to Brebeuf because we know that our gifts allow Brebeuf to continue to evolve, grow and adapt. We are also driven by the opportunity to provide the chance for students, who might not otherwise be able to attend, to share in the experience that has so benefited our family.

There is so much negativity and fear in the world, and giving back allows us to do our part in spreading positivity and hope.  Giving to an organization that builds men and women for others, allows us to leverage our gift and help change the world for the better.”