Sep 24

Celebrating Philanthropy with Danielle and Matthew Gorman ’06

The Gorman Family
Danielle and Matt Gorman ‘06
Isabella (2 yrs.) and Theodore (3 months)
Los Angeles, CA

Please tell us a little about yourself. 

“I grew up in Zionsville and had the privilege of attending Brebeuf Jesuit with the class of 2006. Upon graduation, I attended Indiana University majoring in finance and subsequently moved to New York to pursue an opportunity at Barclays, focusing on investment banking.  However, I found my passion at GreenOak, a global real estate investment platform, and joined in 2011 when it was a startup. It was during this time that I met my wonderful wife, Danielle.  We were actually set up on a blind date and realized shortly after talking that we lived directly across the street from each other, in Manhattan no less. We now live in Los Angeles with our two children, Isabella and Theodore.”

How did Brebeuf impact your journey?

“I give Brebeuf most of the credit for who I am and where I am today.  I would say that there are two broad themes that have been most impactful to me. First, Brebeuf’s utilization of PRTs (Personal Responsibility Time) gave rise to how I would manage my time while at IU.  There was a clear differentiation between myself and those who lacked the previous opportunity for independence. As Braves, we were prepared for the free time and rose to the challenge of that first academic year with greater focus.  We had already balanced sports, academics, and clubs. I felt prepared and readied for that next challenge.  I also believe that another great asset of Brebeuf’s is that of diversity – religious, economic, cultural, etc.  Walking into Brebeuf forced me to challenge my own thoughts and to form more intentional opinions and understandings. Having that exposure early on created more positive interactions for me down the road – I learned as much from my classmates as I did my classes. Today, I would share that same sentiment with current students, and encourage today’s Braves to explore all that Brebeuf has to offer, to listen to their classmates and to engage in the plethora of experiences at their fingertips.

Thank you Danielle and Matthew for your continued support of Brebeuf Jesuit! Please join them in supporting Brebeuf Jesuit by sharing “Why I give?” on social media with the hashtag #BrebeufGives.