Sep 19

Month of Magis Donor Story – The Bedel Family

Abbe (Sechrist) ’01 and Evan Bedel ‘01
Owen (future Brave, ’30) and Ace (future Brave, ’32)

Abbe and Evan Bedel are one of Brebeuf Jesuit’s own “Bravehearts” (married alumni), and have been an integral part of Brebeuf Jesuit since graduating in 2001.  Evan is a current member of the Board of Trustees and Past President of the Brebeuf Jesuit Alumni Board.  

“As we reflect on our Brebeuf experience, we both feel the school provided a balance between giving students the freedom to find their own path, while still providing the structure, accountability and support to succeed.  Ignatian values, diversity, respect, and a genuine care for others is conveyed throughout the school’s faculty, staff and students.  It is this diverse make-up too which adds to the character of our small, inclusive community.   

Abbe and I are incredibly thankful for our Brebeuf Jesuit experience.  If it wasn’t for our time at Brebeuf Jesuit, Abbe and I likely would have never met, and ultimately started a family.  Today, many of our friends are Brebeuf alumni, including the celebrated team members from the 2000 Indiana State Championship basketball team! We also enjoy taking our boys (current Park Tudor Panthers and future Brebeuf Braves) to sporting events and introducing them to the culture and community of Brebeuf Jesuit.

We give in gratitude; we give to help current and future Braves find a home at Brebeuf Jesuit.  The Brebeuf Fund is the foundation for creating student diversity and providing opportunity for students to succeed, no matter their economic situation.  The financial support provided to underprivileged students is something we are proud to always support at Brebeuf.”