Sep 19

Month of Magis Donor Story – The Hollins Family

Morgan (Kenner) ’00 and Christopher Hollins

Following Brebeuf Jesuit, I attended The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. I loved the mathematical and economics background on which it focused.  I then attended Harvard Law School and, upon graduation in 2008, began my practice in mergers and acquisitions in New York, which I now continue at White & Case LLP in Houston, Texas.  My husband, Christopher, is also an attorney, having gone first to Morehouse College followed by Yale Law  School and Harvard Business School. However, he presently is serving as the interim Harris County Clerk in charge of overseeing, among other things, a safe and successful election process for residents in the Houston area.

We are truly a Brebeuf family and appreciate having been a part of this Brave community.  My sister Ragan (Kenner) Brackett, who is now a doctor in the Indianapolis area, and my cousin, Lisa Wilkinson, who is a therapist, both attended Brebeuf Jesuit.  As an Orchard School alum, I felt right at home as a Brave, and felt the mission and vision of Brebeuf truly helped affirm and mold values that guide me to this day.   

A Brebeuf Jesuit education teaches you about responsibility and permits you the opportunity to make your own schedule and find independence and a greater sense of self.  Also, there is a heavy focus on science and math, which I enjoyed and believe provided me a better footing for undergrad and the future.  The religious classes also provided balance, global knowledge and contextual understanding of, and respect for, the varying differences in individuals’ core beliefs, something that is especially important in today’s world.  A positive commonality exists between all people.

I don’t live in Indiana anymore, but Brebeuf is still near and dear to me.  Education has always been a huge part of my life, something that was encouraged by my mother, who has always played a pivotal role in my life.  Learning happens young, and the opportunity to learn how to learn and explore a wide array of classes and activities is something not every school provides. As a family, we especially desire to create an opportunity for underserved communities to have access to quality education like that provided at Brebeuf.  If donation is the way I can give back, to support a Brebeuf education for those who would otherwise not have access, then this is the way I will. 

Giving is always important, but during this time, the gift of generosity highlights our role as part of not only the Brebeuf community but the greater community.  What does it mean to be part of a community; what are you willing to give or give up?  To me it means we all have a responsibility to help each other.  People are concerned about their health, the ability to provide for their families and their kids education; this is a critical moment for many families and, therefore, for all of us.  In my opinion, giving/philanthropy is not only the right thing to do but is mandatory as a person of faith. If we are going to be successful, there are times that you need to allow people to lean on you, to reach out and give a hand, as men and women for others.”