Sep 23

Celebrating Philanthropy with The Johantgen Family

The Johantgen Family – Megan, Wolfie and Caitlin ‘23

Megan Johantgen is a member of the Mothers Association and past Bistro Chair.  We are grateful for the incredible support of Megan and Wolfie, and the whole Johantgen family! 

What impresses you most about Brebeuf?

Brebeuf Jesuit is an incredible school with a unique and supportive community.  You do not typically see this type of community (spanning so many engaged alumni, families, students, etc.) in a high school. Usually, by 9th grade you are lucky if you get to know your kids’ friends, let alone their parents/families. At Brebeuf, we have the privilege of being active with various school and parent committees, and the opportunity to participate in events, both during the school day and after,  that are centered around getting to know other families and students.  The school itself invites students to actively participate in a breadth of clubs and programs to help them find their interests, friends, and passions too. 

I have made friends, real friendships, with parents who have sophomores, seniors and freshmen (and my daughter is a junior). It’s the idea that the entire community is actively supporting each and every Brave. We are all like-minded in one thing, the success and continued support of our students and the commitment that it takes from all of us. This is what constantly impresses me about Brebeuf and how well the school continues to grow in its mission of “men and women for others” – it lives beyond the student, it carries to the entire family. 

Why is giving back to Brebeuf important to you?

Giving back to Brebeuf is so important to me because I see the return on investment immediately. Whether it is providing assistance to ensure all eligible candidates may attend despite financial aid hardships, or a student-led program that a club has developed and is seeking support for; I like knowing that a part of my giving not only supports today, but tomorrow.  Giving in general is important; but how can you not be enthusiastic about giving to a community where you get to witness the good it produces – and for Caitlin, and so many alumni, to see it play out in the everyday.

Thank you Megan and Wolfie for your continued support of Brebeuf Jesuit! Please join them in supporting Brebeuf Jesuit by sharing “Why I give?” on social media with the hashtag #BrebeufGives.