Oct 7

Celebrating Philanthropy with the Sherman Family

Bravehearts, Brave Minds

Kristy (Cross) ‘92 and Gary Sherman ‘92 –  Board of Trustees
Anne ‘20, Sam ‘24, Cross, Cooper ‘26

Kristy and Gary Sherman are one of Brebeuf Jesuit’s many “Bravehearts” (married alumni) and have been sharing their support for the mission of Brebeuf over the last 25 years.  Kristy is a current member of the Board of Trustees and past chair of the Mother Association’s Brebeuf Bistro event.

“One of the best ways Gary and I can showcase the value and impact Brebeuf has had on our lives as alumni, is to share that same experience with our children, to give to Brebeuf the greatest gifts we have and watch as they grow in strength, character, and intellect – as men and women for others.  The academic offerings and engaging community are an added bonus.  Neither of us would have expected, as we walked through the doors more than 30 years ago, that our own futures would be so closely intertwined with Brebeuf Jesuit.  This is where we met and where our closest friendships began.

We loved watching the academic achievements and personal growth of Annie ‘20 over her four years at Brebeuf; seeing Annie’s tenacity and strength of character now as she navigates college-life gives us tremendous pride. We look forward to seeing that same growth over the next three years in Sam ‘24 – whether it’s on the court, in class, or as he prepares for college.  Cross is currently readying for his next chapter as well.  A Brave at heart, Cross, like St. Ignatius, chose a new path and is now a senior studying at Culver.  Our soon-to-be Brave, Cooper, is an 8th grader at The Orchard School and hopes to join the Class of 2026 next year.

As men and women for others, we support The Brebeuf Fund to provide that shared experience with those who may otherwise not be able to attend without help, but would benefit greatly from a Jesuit education.  Those whose own children may someday be a part of Brebeuf’s story too.  Brebeuf Jesuit is an integral part of our greater community.  It’s incredible to see how the affinity of Jesuit-educated people runs across the globe.”