Jan 9

Christmas Store Thank You!

The following is a note from the staff at Catholic Charities in response to Brebeuf’s Help for the Holidays toy drive. 

We would like to express our profound gratitude to the students of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School and their families who donated new toys/teen gifts to the children served by Catholic Charities’ Christmas Store in December 2019.  We don’t yet have our final numbers of clients served, but they are similar to those of 2018 when we served 3,016 needy children aged infant through 19!  Each child receives new clothing and two toys/teen gifts; that means we have to have over 6,500 nice new toys/teen gifts available each year.

We look forward to Brebeuf’s donation drive for our clients each year as it is always awesome in quantity and quality!  Your generosity, kindness, and empathy for these children is LEGENDARY in our minds.  You always donate not only nice, new toys, but ones that can only be described as memorable—as in “I remember the Christmas when I got that dollhouse, or that large Hot Wheels set,” etc.  Your concern for all the people in your community is evident in everything you do.

Our client families are referred by over 90 social agencies, churches, and schools within our archdiocese.  They are our neighbors, needy through chronic poverty, the loss of a job by the principal provider, overcome by medical bills for family members with acute or chronic diseases, or affected by the current opiate-addiction crisis.  They are the poor and the marginalized.  We don’t want any of the children of these families to feel forgotten at Christmas.

We wish you could see the happy faces of our client families when they realize that they will be able to provide toys/teen gifts for their children at Christmas.  We wish you could hear their thanks and blessings.  Just knowing that so many people who are strangers to them actually care about their children gives them joy and hope.

Special thanks go to Nicholas Klinger and your Mothers Association for organizing and promoting your drive for our clients and for delivering your donations to the Christmas Store.  They managed to cover every category of toys/teen gifts that we requested.  We know how many hours of service are needed to make a donation drive happen. We so appreciate their talents and their help!

Mostly, we thank each of you.  We hope that you all had a wonderful, blessed Christmas, made even better by the knowledge that you were instrumental in helping provide happiness at Christmas to so many children less fortunate than yourselves.  Please help us to do it all again next year!


– Nancy Hollinden for the Volunteers of the Christmas Store