Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Brebeuf choirs!  The choirs of Brebeuf have high musical goals and high standards of personal conduct.  We are all “team players” and we become close friends as we diligently work together toward our common goal: excellence.

Vocal Assessments are conducted every year for incoming freshman to determine each students vocal ability and understanding prior to the next school year. Vocal Assessments for the 20-21 school year are due by April 15.

Follow the steps below to schedule and prepare for your vocal assessment:

1. Select a time and submit the form below.

2. Print “Brebeuf Choirs Assessment Form” and complete before your scheduled time.

3. Print the following songs and use the links to prepare for your vocal assessment:

Ladies – Goodnight, My Someone (m.1-23)

Gentlemen – The Impossible Dream (m.1-18)

All – Gloria (refrain); learn your voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass)

4. Students will arrive EARLY to their appointed time (tardiness is not a quality of a Brebeuf choir member).

5. Students will hand their completed audition form to Mr. Tippel and will begin their assessment.  The whole assessment has four components:

  • A few, simple vocal warm-ups Mr. Tippel will direct the student through in order to assess range and vocal flexibility
  • Student will sing the required prepared song excerpts from the list above.  This is to evaluate tone quality, intonation, vowels, and expression.
  • Ear training exercise: Mr. Tippel will play a few pitches on the piano and the student will have to sing them back.  This is to determine the student’s ability to discern and match pitch
  • Retention Exercise; Mr. Tippel will give the student a short example of musical notation, the excerpt will played twice and he or she will sing it back.  This is to test the student’s ability to read music, sing what is written and retain what they learned.

Please remember that this vocal assessment is not to determine whether you are a “good” or “bad” singer. They are meant to determine your current vocal abilities and place you that will MOST BENEFIT YOU in your vocal progress.  Everyone can become a better singer; that’s why we sing in choir.

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Tippel at