When applicants apply to Brebeuf, our admissions committee evaluates and reviews all application requirements closely to ensure that Brebeuf is the right fit for every admitted student. When a candidate is deferred to the Regular Admissions round, the Brebeuf Jesuit Admissions Committee is requesting more information to review from the entire first semester of 8th grade. Our committee of faculty, counselors, administrators, and clergy carefully reviewed every application, and at the heart of this process was our applicants, the Brebeuf Jesuit mission and core values.

For deferred candidates, here are the next steps to continue the application process:

Submit the Deferral Response Form (Required)

Complete the DEFERRAL RESPONSE FORM below by December 6, 2021, the Regular Admissions Deadline. If we do not hear from you by December 6, we will assume you no longer wish to remain an applicant.

Submit Complete 8th Grade Semester 1 Grades (Required)

Request an Updated 8th Grade Teacher Recommendation (Required)

  • Please select one of your child’s current teachers (English, math, science, or social studies) to complete an updated teacher recommendation form at the end of the semester. Share the teacher’s name and email address with me at ccannon@brebeuf.org, and I will send the recommendation form directly to the teacher. Please send the request for the updated 8th Grade Teacher Recommendation by Monday, December 6, 2021.

Retake the High School Placement Test (Optional)

  • For applicants who did not meet the admissions requirement—a CSQ of 100 or higher or a composite score of a 60 or higher—you may choose for your child to retake the High School Placement Test.

  • To register for the next HSPT date on December 11, 2021, please click here.

  • For testers who took the HSPT on November 13, 2021 at Brebeuf Jesuit, we will add the scores to the portfolio of application requirements once available.

The Regular Admissions Deadline is Monday, December 6, 2021, and those applicants will learn of their acceptance decisions before February. Please contact Colleen Cannon, Director of Admissions, at ccannon@brebeuf.org or 317.524.7090 with further questions.

Class of 2026 Admissions Deferral Response Form