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College Counseling News – January 14, 2021

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Upcoming Events


To Register for this webinar, please click on this link.

This presentation will have a Breakout Session interpreted for our Spanish speaking families.

The webinar will be recorded for future viewing if you are not able to attend.

Just a reminder, there will be an information session for current freshman and their parents who are interested in the Ignatian Scholars program.  The Information Session will be prior to the start of this program, from 5- 6 p.m.  To register, please click here.

For questions, please contact Liz Otteson, College Counselor, Director of the Ignatian Scholars program, lotteson@brebeuf.org

2021 AP Exam Accomodations

January 15, 2021 is the deadline for Brebeuf Jesuit to submit requests for testing accommodations for students with disabilities for the 2021 AP Exams. If requests are submitted after this date, there’s no guarantee accommodations will be approved or appropriate exam materials will be shipped in time for the exam. Please contact Mr. Allen Glunt, Dir. of Academic Counseling and SSD Coordinator for more information at aglunt@brebeuf.org.

The deadline to register for the February 6 ACT is Friday, January 15. Register here.

These opportunities will run from November 9–February 18. In addition to the college booths, there will be a series of 13 webinars addressing overarching topics such as paying for college, helping student-athletes get recruited, and essay writing advice from The College Essay Guy. For further information about each of the events and how to register, click here: slate of events

BETTER YOUTH OUTCOMES, LLC is a social enterprise focused on helping employers connect and engage with motivated, qualified high school  college students and young adults, especially those from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups. Through a managed process that delivers value to both the employer and student, BYO seeks to increase the quantity and quality of work-based learning experiences. Finally, Better Youth Outcomes partners with employers across all industries to create, optimize and grow work-based learning experiences for youth and young adults.


Students: Explore enrichment opportunities while still in high school that can help you decide areas of interest that you can pursue after graduation by clicking here.

Attention Seniors!

As you receive admission decisions from colleges/universities, please don’t forget to share the news with your college counselor and also stop by the college counseling office to


We look forward to celebrating with you soon!

Also, don’t forget to share information with us on any Merit Scholarship Awards!

Email your College Counselor with the awards that you have been offered.

Attention Juniors

Prior to winter break, you should’ve received an email from your College Counselor with important first steps as you begin the college search and application process this year. The email would’ve arrived to you from SCOIR so please do not inadvertently delete this message. 

The email message from your College Counselor explains how to access three key items so you can schedule your first meeting.

These key items are found in SCOIR:

  1. My Profile  (for students – this is where students invite their parents to access SCOIR)
  2. My College Search Inventory Survey (for students)
  3. Parent Brag Sheet Survey (for parents)

The meeting scheduling link for your Junior Family Meeting will be sent after the above three tasks are completed. Parents – you will have access to the Parent Brag Sheet once you’ve been invited by your student into their SCOIR account.

If you have any questions or hit any glitches, please reach out to your College Counselor or Mrs. Bethany Wolfe (bwolfe@brebeuf.org), College Counseling Assistant, for assistance.

For the most current listing of SAT and ACT test & registration dates, click here.

What We’re Reading, Following, and Listening to This Week

How to write an AWESOME Common App Activities List: 5 super practical tips to help you level-up your Common Application activities section. If you still have college apps to finish, this is for you. – The College Essay Guy

Inside Higher Ed: Colleges Delay In-Person Instruction: Some colleges opt for a month of online courses before shifting to face-to-face learning. Other colleges move back the start of the spring semester.

Scholarship Updates

Before I am able to help you with your search, I need to know the following information:

  • Where have you already looked for scholarships?
  • What scholarships have you already applied for?
  • Where are you applying to/where have you been admitted?






WiseGeek LGBTQ+ Awareness Scholarship ($500)

The WiseGeek LGBTQ+ Awareness Scholarship exists to support the dreams and aspirations of LGBTQ+ youth across the country. The scholarship is open to students who identify as a member of this community.

WiseGeek Entrepreneurship Matters Scholarship ($500)

The WiseGeek Entrepreneurship Matters Scholarship exists to make the entrepreneurial journey more accessible. The scholarship will support an ambitious and bold entrepreneur who wants to build a business that makes the world a better place. While not required, we will look for candidates with a track record of overcoming challenges and a penchant for continuous growth.

Next Generation Hoosier Educator Scholarship

The 2021-2022 application for the Next Generation Hoosier Educator Scholarship opened in ScholarTrack on October 1, 2020 and will close on January 31, 2021. Following the deadline, the Commission will review all applications and notify all applicants of their scholarship status via email by March 19, 2021.

Silver Pen Writing Competition

Silver Pen is open to all high school seniors who live or attend school within 25 miles of the community they are applying to (The Stratford – Carmel, IN). Employees of the community are also eligible. There is no GPA requirement for this writing competition.

Williams Comfort Air and Mr. Plumber $1000 Dollar Scholarship

Williams Comfort Air and Mr. Plumber Indy are local, leading HVAC & Plumbing contractors serving Central Indiana. Our businesses provide trustworthy and dependable heating and cooling installation, maintenance, and service, as well as plumbing, drain, and sewer service and installation, and our privilege is to give back to the Greater Indianapolis Area.We value integrity, kindness and commitment in everything that we do. These leadership attributes are pillars of performance that drive innovation, growth, and success. The MAX Scholarships for Leadership are a way for us to celebrate and reward these qualities in our 2020 graduates. Through these scholarships we will recognize outstanding individuals who have demonstrated integrity, kindness and commitment in school, at home, and within our community.

For more information about the scholarship program, please visit this page: maxgives.com/scholarship-wca-students

For more information about Williams Comfort Air and Mr. Plumber Indy, please visit our website at williamscomfortair.com.

The Jackie Robinson Scholarship Foundation (Closes 5:00 p.m. on February 1, 2021)


The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides four-year scholarships of $30,000 and extensive support services, including career guidance and internship placement, to highly motivated African American students who have maintained a 98% college graduation rate.

Contemplatives in Action – Brebeuf Scholarship at the University of Indianapolis

The Contemplatives in Action Scholarship for Brebeuf Jesuit students provides four $20,000 scholarships to Brebeuf Jesuit students who are enrolled at the University of Indianapolis as full-time students. Students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher and are US Citizens are eligible to apply. Applications can be found at the link above. If interested, please return the completed scholarship form to Ms. Shank by Feb. 1, 2021.

The Cox Scholars at Indiana University

The Cox Scholars Program rewards hard work and a commitment to self-improvement. There are six different Cox Scholarships that you may be eligible for. All scholarships include the following components:

Financial support:  Cox Scholars will receive a scholarship and wage package that—in conjunction with any other institutional funding—will total the official cost of attendance at Indiana University Bloomington.

A part-time work commitment: All Cox Scholars work eight to ten hours each week of the academic school year. Your work assignment will vary based on the scholarship you’re awarded and your career interests.

Oxbridge Academic Program Summer Essay Contest (due January 31) 

Students should submit an essay of approximately 1,000 words on the topic above. Essays should be submitted in English; students interested in attending a language immersion course in Salamanca or Montpellier are asked to submit their essay in Spanish or French (must be a non-native speaker of Spanish or French with at least three years of instruction in the target language). Award winners receive full scholarships to an Oxbridge Summer Immersion program of their choosing.

List of Summer Programs for High School Students

Student Athletes/Recruitment Information

Student-athletes planning to compete at the DI or DII levels must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

The NCAA has announced that students in the Class of 2021 who initially enroll full time in college during the 2021-22 academic year and intend to play NCAA Division I or II athletics will not be required to take a standardized test to meet NCAA initial-eligibility requirements. Therefore, if you plan to compete at the DI or DII levels and are applying to a test optional college, you no longer have to take the SAT or ACT for admission or initial-eligibility purposes.

Student-athletes enrolling in a Division I school during the 2021-22 academic year will be academically eligible by earning a 2.3 grade-point average in 16 NCAA-approved core courses, with 10 core courses (seven in English, math and science) completed by the start of their seventh semester in high school (prior to senior year). Student-athletes enrolling in a Division II school during the 2021-22 academic year will be academically eligible by earning a 2.2 grade-point average in 16 NCAA-approved core courses.

Questions regarding the athletic recruiting process or NCAA initial-eligibility requirements for Division I or II? Please reach out to Mrs. Newman, Student-Athlete Advisor, at bnewman@brebeuf.org.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Announcements

The 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest is now open! Students in grades 6-12 are invited to participate in this contest. Essays will be based on the following quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” More specific contest information can be found on the Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest website here. The online submission deadline is February 28, 2021.

The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides four-year scholarships of $30,000 and extensive support services, including career guidance and internship placement, to highly motivated African American students who have maintained a 98% college graduation rate. For more information and to apply, go here.

What better time is there than now to reflect on the meaning of equality and justice in our world today? Students are encouraged to write about this topic and the relationship between these two principles in the We the Students Essay Contest sponsored by the Bill of Rights Institute. A first-place essay winner, along with 5 runners up, and 8 honorable mentions, will receive scholarship awards. The deadline to enter is April 15, 2021. To learn more and apply, go here.

The ActSix program, through the Shepherd Community Center, identifies underrepresented student leaders, citizens, and non-citizens (DACA students) and provides them with full need scholarships to Taylor University and Oakland City University. In addition, scholarship recipients receive 21 weeks of college readiness training. To learn more, watch a recording about the program here. To apply, go here.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund is the largest scholarship-granting organization in the nation. HSF provides financial assistance to outstanding Hispanic students in higher education throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The students represent every region of the country and attend hundreds of institutions of higher education throughout America. Founded in 1975, HSF has awarded over 45,000 scholarships totalling $60 million. These scholarships require an application. For more information and to apply, visit their website Here.

The Business Opportunity Program (BOP) at Purdue University is one of the oldest diversity programs in the country within any top-ranked, undergraduate business school. BOP’s mission is to produce the next wave of business and community leaders by providing student participants with academic, financial, and social support that will aid them in achieving their short term and long term college and career goals. To learn more about BOP, please go Here.

Indiana University’s campus is home to a diverse, vibrant, and engaged community. There are many resources available for students, staff, faculty, and others at IU Bloomington to explore various communities and cultures. Some of these include the following: the LGBTQ+ Cultural Center, the Neal-Marshall Black Cultural Center, the Atkins Living-Learning Center, the La Casa/Latino Cultural Center, and the Luis Davila Thematic Community.

Purdue University is committed to supporting its diverse communities of students, staff, and faculty through its many cultural centers, programs, and organizations. To learn more, please visit the Diversity Resource Office, or click on any of the following links: Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center, Black Cultural Center, Latino Cultural Center, LGBTQ+ Cultural Center, Native American Educational and Cultural Center, Minority Technology Association, Women In Technology, Historically Black Fraternities and Sororities

Purdue Polytechnic Institute sees that diversity benefits everyone because the most creative and innovative ideas and solutions result from the connections made between students from different backgrounds and experiences.Purdue wants students of color to know that the Polytechnic is a college at Purdue where one can combine hands-on talents with favorite hobbies for exciting careers. To learn more about the Purdue Polytechnic Institute and all it has to offer, especially as related to diversity, go Here.

IUPUI offers scholarship opportunities for a wide range of underrepresented students, as well as awards for certain academic majors and programs.  The first step to applying for most of these awards is to submit your scholarship application by February 15. To learn more, please go Here.

The mission of Thrive Scholars is to help high-achieving, low-income students of color get into and graduate from top colleges equipped to achieve their full career potential. Thrive Scholars’ ultimate goal is to help talented low-income students of color become the diverse corporate, civic, and academic leaders our country needs. Its comprehensive model focuses on key inflection points such as expert college advising, rigorous summer college preparatory boot camps, social and emotional support, financial support, and career development. Juniors in the class of 2022 are eligible to apply. To learn more, attend an information session, and to apply, please go Here.

CLD, the Center for Leadership Development, has the mission to foster the advancement of minority youth in Central Indiana as future professional, business and community leaders by providing experiences that encourage personal development and educational attainment. Among CLD’s wide variety of programs and initiatives is the opportunity to apply for CLD Partner College Scholarships, an opportunity available to seniors who have successfully completed the Self-Discovery/Career Exploration Project program, the College Prep program, and the Emerging Scholars program. To learn more about CLD and to register for these and other programs, go to CLD High School Programs and Initiatives.

The Indiana Latino Institute (ILI) is committed to increasing the number of Latinx high school and college graduates in Indiana. Education-focused programming such as college coaching and college preparation workshops, along with internship and scholarship opportunities, can be found at this link: Indiana Latino Institute – EDUCATION

Scholarships for underrepresented students vary in their criteria and are not limited to race or ethnicity. Some examples include scholarships for Black or African American students, Native American students, Hispanic and Latinx students, Asian and Pacific Islander students, LGBTQ+ students, women, and so forth. Please go to the following link Here to find scholarship opportunities for underrepresented students.

UNCF was founded in 1944 to help more Black and African American students attend and graduate from college. Annually, UNCF awards more than 10,000 scholarships. To learn more about scholarships, internships, and other opportunities, go to this link: UNCF

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation – CBCF has awarded scholarships for more than three decades to talented and deserving students demonstrating leadership ability through exemplary community service and academic accomplishment. Programs support current and upcoming college students across a variety of disciplines. To learn more and to apply for scholarships, please go to CBCF Scholarships

The Nikhil Desai Perspective Scholarship is for anyone who has had a moment shift their perspective on what it means to be alive. It can be joyous, sorrowful, or comedic. Everyone’s experience is unique. Applicants who are first-generation American or first-generation college students are preferred, but ultimately the winner will be chosen based on the quality of their essay. To learn more and to apply, go Here.

The Horatio Alger Scholarship assists students with financial need who have faced and overcome great adversity and obstacles in their lives while exhibiting determination, integrity, and perseverance. For more information and to apply, please go Here.

The Ron Brown Scholarship honors the legacy of Ronald H. Brown through a selective scholarship program that advances higher education for community-minded and intellectually gifted African Americans. RBSP competitively awards Ron Brown Scholars four-year $40,000 scholarships ($10,000 each year) to the most talented and economically-challenged high school seniors who demonstrate a keen interest in public service, community engagement, business entrepreneurship and global citizenship – the four pillars of the late Ronald H. Brown’s mission to uplift people of all races, cultures and ethnicities – especially disadvantaged youth. To learn more and to apply, please go Here.

Many colleges offer free collegefly-in” programs to high-achieving, underrepresented students who might not otherwise be able to visit their campuses. Since traditional college visits and travel in general seems to be out of reach right now, some colleges are continuing to offer opportunities to underrepresented students so they can get to know what their school has to offer. Most of these programs require students to submit an application to participate. Please find a list of college fly-ins at these links:  2020 College Diversity Fly-ins and Fly-in Programs in 2020

Scholarships related to religious diversity are also available:

Students interested in Scholarships for Jewish Students can find information Here.

Students interested in Scholarships for Muslim Students can find information Here.

Students interested in Scholarships for Catholic Students can find information Here.

Students interested in Scholarships for Hindu Students can find information Here.

Students interested in Scholarships for Buddhist Students can find information Here.

Students interested in Scholarships for Atheist or Agnostic Students can find information Here.

Questions about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion announcements? Contact Beth Newman, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, at bnewman@brebeuf.org.