May 28

College Counseling News – May 28, 2020

Upcoming Events

College Counseling Instagram Live 
Mitch Warren, Director of Admissions, Purdue University
May 28 @ 6:00 p.m.

Mitch will discuss the college admission landscape and offer insights on college admission – both general college admission questions and questions specific to Purdue University.  The discussion topics will range from the ‘new normal’ of college admission in the time of COVID-19 to the more common questions on admission testing, applying directly into a major, and more!

Below is a link to submit questions you’d like to be answered!

Instagram LIVE with Purdue University’s Director of Admissions, Mitch Warre

Register for Coast to Coast at:

June 1, 3, & 5: College Essay Guy Boot Camp (optional and helpful resource)

Who is the College Essay Guy? Watch this 1-minute video trailer!

This is a FREE, virtual week-long, three-part, college essay workshop covering the following topics – brainstorming, revising, and how to “level up” your college essay. You can decide to join for either the morning or evening session or a mix of morning/evening. If you’re unable to attend, you can register and watch the recordings later!

Monday, June 1 at 1:00-2:30pm OR 7:00-8:30pm: Brainstorming

Wednesday, June 3 at 1:00-2:30pm OR 7:00-8:30pm:  Revising

Friday, June 5 at 1:00-2:30pm OR 7:00-8:30pm:  Upleveling

The full course syllabus for the boot camp can be found here.

International Admissions Webinars

Study in Europe – June 12 @ 9:00 a.m.

Modul University Vienna (Austria), Jacobs University Bremen (Germany) and Vesalius College (Belgium) – Register here


Don’t forget to indicate which college you’d like to receive your AP exam score(s) in AP Profile by June 20! Once logged in to your MyAP account, go to “AP Profile” — “Score Send” — select institution/school – click “Save”.

Update for Seniors – Enrollment Deadlines by College

Many colleges are extending their enrollment deadline from May 1 to June 1, in light of the current global pandemic. The National Association for College Admission Counseling has an excellent link that lists schools who have made this change. That link can be found here. However, It is important to follow the guidance sent out from each individual school. Click here for more Q&A.

Summer Opportunities – Program Updates due to COVID 19

Northwestern University College Preparation Program

College Courses for Credit – APPLY BY MAY 29

Courses are taught by Northwestern faculty who assume the same level of commitment and involvement from you that they do from college students. These courses will be structured both asynchronously and synchronously. In order to be successful in an online class, students must be self-directed, have a high degree of motivation, and excellent time management skills. Students will be provided with a Northwestern transcript once they have successfully completed their courses.

Wildcat Connect: e-FOCUS Seminars – APPLY BY JUNE 19

Students can choose one of five e-FOCUS sessions taught by Northwestern faculty. These are two-week classes, held July 20–31:

  • Ethical Problems: Public, Controversies, and Democracy

  • Writing for College Success

  • Legal Interpretation and Communication

  • Chemistry Research with Real World Application

  • So You Want to be a Doctor?

For additional Summer Opportunities, please see this document. Opportunities will be added as the College Counseling Office receives them.

Equity and Inclusion Announcements

HBCU College Tour:  The HBCU Alliances of Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington DC have teamed up to offer a Virtual HBCU College Tour. Join them on May 30th for the HBCU Tour experience. To register, go to this link: HBCU College Tour

MEET Kelley at IU is a unique pre-college summer program for high-ability juniors with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4 from historically underrepresented groups, namely students who identify as African American, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian/Native American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, or multiracial. MEET Kelley gives students the opportunity to be introduced to the Kelley School of Business, learn about the opportunities available, experience a professional business case competition, and ultimately consider transitioning to Kelley after high school. To learn more and to apply by the May 1 priority deadline, go to this link: MEET Kelley.

The Up-Next Business Academy at IU brings together Indiana high school students from underrepresented populations, including students who identify as African-American, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian/Native American, or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, to the Kelley School of Business to introduce them to opportunities within the business world and educate them on the college admissions process. To be considered, students must have a 3.0 GPA. To learn more and to apply, go to this link: Up-Next Business Academy

UNCF was founded in 1944 to help more African American students attend and graduate from college. Annually, UNCF awards more than 10,000 scholarships. To learn more about scholarships, internships, and other opportunities, go to this link: UNCF.

For more than three decades the Congressional Black Caucus FoundationCBCF has awarded scholarships to talented and deserving students demonstrating leadership ability through exemplary community service and academic accomplishment. Programs support current and upcoming college students across a variety of disciplines. To learn more and to apply for scholarships, please go to CBCF Scholarships.

Many colleges and universities across the country offer free fly-ins to high-achieving, underrepresented students who might not otherwise be able to visit their campuses. Most of these programs require students to submit an application to participate. Please find a list of college fly-ins at this link:  College Fly-ins and Diversity Programs

The Indiana Latino Institute (ILI) is committed to increasing the number of Latino high school and college graduates in Indiana. Education-focused programming such as college coaching and college preparation workshops, along with internship and scholarship opportunities, can be found at this link: Indiana Latino Institute – EDUCATION.

Scholarships for minority students vary in their criteria and are not limited to race or ethnicity. Some examples include scholarships for African American students, Native American students, Hispanic and Latino students, Asian and Pacific Islander students, LGBTQ students, in some instances, women, and so forth. Please go to the following link Here to find scholarship opportunities for minority students.

Students interested in other Scholarships for Jewish Students can find information about many opportunities Here.

Students interested in Scholarships for Muslim Students can find information about opportunities Here.

Questions about Equity and Inclusion announcements? Contact Beth Newman at