Mar 3

Donations for Ukrainian Refugees

Brebeuf student Evan Tomyn is of Ukrainian descent and was compelled to raise awareness in the Brebeuf Community regarding ways to donate to Ukrainian refugees. Click here for a link to organizations that are assisting the people of Ukraine. Below is Evan’s appeal.

My grandparents were born during World War II. My grandfather was born in Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine. My grandmother, whose parents were from Lviv Ukraine, was actually born in Germany in a Displaced Persons camp while her family was escaping from Ukraine during World War II.  Her grandfather had been killed during the Nazi invasion of what was then Soviet Ukraine. It took a lot of luck and bravery to escape both the Nazi invasion, and even the Soviets who wanted to take a more active role in the control over Ukraine. There was also underground resistance formed that wanted independence for Ukraine like neighboring Poland enjoyed.

When they escaped, they had nothing but a suitcase and the clothes on their backs. Eventually, they came to the United States and settled in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.  While we do not currently have any immediate family in Ukraine, we do have many distant relatives and close friends that still have loved ones in Ukraine. Originally, many were trying to stay as long as they could, but the latest information we have is that they likely crossed the border into Poland. As you may have read and seen in the news, any man aged 18-60 is not allowed to leave, as they were ordered to stay and fight the Russian invasion.

The news gets worse every day. There are an estimated 4M refugees and counting entering bordering countries, and many are unaccompanied children. This website has good information about Ukraine in general and the peaceful sovereign nation that it is. Under their “Donate” heading, there are links to donate to nonprofits working with the Ukrainian Military, Direct to the Ukrainian Bank to fund the military so they can defend themselves, and to the UN Refugee fund to provide whatever is needed on the ground for the Ukrainian people.