Aug 30

Donor Profile – Jen LaMaster

Philanthropy Week is just days away.  During Philanthropy Week, we shine a spotlight on philanthropy’s important role in our community.  We have a preview from a very special member of our community.  We’re proud to feature one of our donors, Jen LaMaster, proud parent of Linnie ’17 and Brebeuf Jesuit Assistant Principal.

You wear many hats Brebeuf.  You are a staff member, a donor, an alumni parent, and more.  What’s your favorite role?

My favorite is alumni parent.  Not only was my child educated at Brebeuf, but I got to be a part of her high school days.  I cannot tell you the joy of seeing my daughter in her “school life”.  Knowing the young woman she was four years ago and the young woman she is today – I am so grateful to the faculty and staff of Brebeuf.  My daughter was loved, challenged, encouraged, supported, and pushed to be her best self—and what an amazing young woman she is!

What do you appreciate about each role? 

It all comes down to mission for me.  I have found a deep connection to my faith, profession, and self in this community.

How do you see philanthropy at work at Brebeuf? 

First and foremost, in the education of my child.  I thank everyone who supports The Brebeuf Fund – our family personally experienced the financial support of others committed to our daughter’s growth.  Thank you!  In my Assistant Principal role, I see philanthropy in faculty and staff grants for travel and classroom innovation.  Our academic programs are so strong because of donor support.  These gifts reach every member of our community in one way or another.

What motivates you to give back?

I give back because I believe in what we are doing and I have seen what Brebeuf Jesuit gives our children in their spiritual, intellectual, physical, and mental growth.  I truly want to see the future our students envision come to life.  Lastly, I donate to ensure the future has the same opportunities I have had here.

Why do you encourage others to give?

You never know who will be touched by your financial generosity.  A student may have a chance to attend a school they couldn’t otherwise afford.  A teacher or staff member may have a life-changing experience during a summer mission trip.  A whole classroom may get to go on a virtual tour of the Egyptian Pyramids. As Jesuit educators, we are called to create in our students the “awe and wonder” at Creation.  Donors help make these experiences possible.

What do you look forward to at this time of year?

The return of morning prayer and afternoon examen.  I miss grounding my professional day in prayer during the summer months.  I love hearing the laughter in the halls!  The return of our students brings the building back to life!