Sep 7

Donor Profile – Larry Winters ’91

On Giving Day, we celebrate two of the core components that are critical to our learning community – our rich tradition of educating men and women for others and the loyal, generous donors who bring that tradition to life. Today, we’re proud to feature one of our Giving Day donors, Larry Winters, Brebeuf Class of 1991, proud parent of Ashlyn ’20, and Brebeuf Jesuit Alumni Board Member.

Your participation with the school has evolved over the years—you were a student, then an alumnus, now you are a parent to a current student, and an Alumni Board Member. What has changed over the years as your participation has changed?  What has remained the same?

My participation at Brebeuf has definitely evolved over the years.  Being a student and athlete is much different than being an alumnus, an Alumni Board Member, and now a parent of a current student.  As a student, success was all about you—getting good grades and representing Brebeuf.  Now, it’s about doing what’s necessary to help others be successful. One thing hasn’t changed—the desire and commitment from the teachers, staff, and community in seeing the students be successful.

Which role is your favorite?

Each role brings me joy! As a parent, it’s wonderful to see my daughter benefit from all of the things that I was able to benefit from when I was a student at Brebeuf.  As an alumnus, it’s awesome to have relationships with my classmates after 30 years and now see our kids attend Brebeuf.  As an Alumni Board Member, it’s a privilege to help Brebeuf make decisions that will allow us to continue being successful as a college preparatory school.

What motivates you to give back?

It is inspiring to be a part of a community that strives to make people better in all aspects of life.  Many people made sacrifices for me to attend Brebeuf and I want to have the same impact on other students coming from similar backgrounds.

Why do you encourage others to give?

I encourage others to give because my education at Brebeuf had a lasting impact and shaped who I am today.  There are many students that would be a valued asset to the Brebeuf community but come from households that can’t afford the tuition.  Other people’s giving and sacrifices allowed me to attend Brebeuf.  I want to do everything that I can to encourage others to give so that all students have the wonderful opportunities that I did.