May 24

English 9 Summer Reading for the Class of 2021

Brebeuf Jesuit English 9 teachers have been researching strategies to improve students’ reading comprehension skills, and one area of focus has been the idea of student choice.

To put this research to practice, English 9 teachers have designed a summer reading assignment that provides each student an opportunity to study a narrative of their choice. Students will read like writers to study their chosen author’s narrative structure, character development, and writing style. This reading will serve as a starting point for the student’s narrative writing when returning to school in August.

Parameters and Guidelines for Choosing your Summer Reading Book:

  1. Each student has an opportunity to study a narrative of his/her choice.
  2. The selection must represent the student’s reading ability. Choose something that is not too easy or not too difficult. 
  3. Do not select a novel that will be read during class in the 2017-18 school year. Avoid the following titles: Lord of the Flies by William Golding, The Odyssey by Homer, and The Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.
  4. Students are to select a book that they have not read previously. 
  5. The copy of the chosen book should only have writing, highlighting, annotating, and note-taking from the student.

We trust that you will make the right reading decision for you, so you do not need approval from the English 9 teachers.

Highlighting and Annotating Focus While Reading:

Because good readers interact with the text while reading, it is important that you do this as well.

What will you highlight and annotate while you’re reading?

As you read, mark at least 10 passages that are particularly vivid and write notes about what seems most compelling in the margins. You should also find at least two places where your interest was lost in the reading and try to determine why. After you have finished reading the entire text, review the passages you marked and think about how the author uses sensory detail to make the scenes vivid and memorable or where he/she may have failed to hold your interest. By sensory detail, we mean areas in the text that engage your interest by utilizing sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch.  Be prepared to discuss the passages from your chosen book and answer questions about them. 

When is my assignment due?

Your reading, highlighting, and annotating should be finished and complete on the first day of class. Bring your book with you on the first day.

We hope that the freedom of reading choice inspires you to discover a new book that you love and motivates you to continue reading good books throughout the summer.

See you in August!

If you have any questions, please contact Christina Neukam at