Apr 21

Faculty Spotlight – Steve Exline

How many years have you been at Brebeuf and in what capacities?          

This is my first year at Brebeuf, but my 24th year teaching. I teach World Civ, US History and Government. 

What’s your favorite thing about the role you play at Brebeuf?

I love that I am able to focus just on my teaching.  In my previous job, I had so many different roles I felt like I was not able to do any of them as effectively as I would have liked. Brebeuf provides the time and support I need to be a good social studies teacher. 

Describe a memorable moment from your time at Brebeuf.

The Diversity Dialogues have made a big impression on me this year.  I have been quite impressed with the openness, maturity, and thoughtfulness of the students at these Dialogues.   

On a less serious note, I’ll always remember my 6th period class teaching me how to play Mafia when we had some free time. (I won)

If one of your friends was considering sending their child to Brebeuf, what would you tell them?

From what I have seen, Brebeuf is an excellent place to prepare for college.  The classes are rigorous and the schedule requires that you learn to manage your time well.  At the same time, there are amazing supports in place to help students along the way.  I am especially impressed with the academic and college counseling resources that are available.

What’s something that challenges you, and how do you navigate that challenge?

This year my biggest challenge has been preparing for three new classes that I have never taught at the high school level.  That is considerably more time-consuming than I imagined it would be.  However, my schedule is built to give me time to prepare, and more importantly, the teachers in my department have helped out any time I have asked.    

Who inspires you? 

My two daughters. Perhaps I don’t succeed on a daily basis, but they do inspire me to try to be a better person. My older daughter is in 8th grade and loves theatre and performing. Those are things that I would have been mortified to do at her age. Her willingness to step outside her comfort zone and do challenging things inspires me. My younger daughter is an amazing wheelchair athlete. Her physical disability has empowered her, rather than limited her.  Her participation in wheelchair basketball has turned her into a leader among her teammates. She has been recognized three years in a row as a member of the All-Tournament team at the National Wheelchair Basketball Association’s national tournament.  It’s impossible to spend time around wheelchair athletes and not be inspired. 

What do you like to do in your spare time, when not working at Brebeuf? 

I like to play golf, though I am pretty awful. I enjoy reading fiction. Time and weather permitting, I love camping with my friends and family.  However, like most parents, we spend a lot of our “spare time” at our kids’ activities.   

Tell us something about you that most people don’t know…

I’ve run for public office twice as a Libertarian, one time receiving almost 3% of the popular vote in my township.    

Due to having well-placed relatives, I have had the opportunity to travel to South Africa, China, the Philippines, and much of Western Europe. My wife’s extended family lives in the Philippines, so we were able to spend 2 weeks there. My brother-in-law has had jobs in Europe and Africa, so we were able to visit their family in those areas.  My younger daughter is from China, so our family had the opportunity to travel to China for her adoption when she was five.