All religious traditions are welcome at Brebeuf Jesuit.

Brebeuf Jesuit’s strong academic program follows more than 450 years of academic tradition.

Education in the Jesuit tradition has remained committed to expansive and critical thinking, to competent and compassionate ethical concern, to creative and artistic expression, and to excellence. The Jesuits, renowned for intellectual accomplishment spanning many centuries, have long believed that academic achievement grounded in religious faith, the dignity of the human person, and the need to educate and care for the entire person is the key to forming well-rounded individuals.

Catholic Jesuit

The Jesuit educational philosophy is grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition that affirms the goodness of creation, the important role of the human intellect in the search for truth, the possibility of discovering God through rational reflection on human experience, the compatibility of faith and reason, and the moral value of intellectual excellence.

Brebeuf Jesuit is committed to inter-religious dialogue (dialogue with non-Christian religions) and ecumenical dialogue (dialogue with other Christian denominations). In this, we follow the example of Pope John Paul II in his outreach to people of all faiths and the guidance of the Society of Jesus in its official writings.