Campus Ministry

On the first day of school, freshman are greeted by walking down an aisle made of senior students clapping their hands and cheering the freshman in welcome to their home-away-from-home for the next 4 years. This is the start of Freshman Orientation at Brebeuf Jesuit — the first memory many of these students will have of Brebeuf Jesuit, the first memory of Campus Ministry.

The Jesuits were founded as an active order. These were not your typical cloistered priests locked away in a tower! Brebeuf Jesuit’s campus ministry continues this tradition by bringing prayer, relationship with God, and communion with others alive in the lives of very active teenagers.


The retreat program is designed to give students at each grade level opportunities to develop themselves spiritually by recognizing God in ordinary people and events of their lives. All retreats all voluntary. There are no prerequisites for them, but they do build upon one another sequentially. They are chaperoned and professional transportation is provided.

Sacramental Life

Brebeuf Jesuit provides many opportunities for students to explore their faith.

Faith Sharing Group

Part of the formation of a mature spiritual adult is the ability to share faith experiences, prayers, and thoughts with others. Brebeuf Jesuit’s student led faith sharing groups allow students to have these experiences in small groups with peers and volunteer adults. Group activities include bible readings, reflections, prayer, and fellowship.

Prayer Services

Brebeuf Jesuit provides a number of all-school, small group, and voluntary prayer experiences throughout the year. Some of these are specific to faith traditions, but open to all students (such as Eucharistic Adoration) and others are a shared community experience (prayer service for specific student’s or intentions), and some combine these two (Yom Hashoah, Day of Remembrance). Prayer services are organized and conducted by the inter-religious, student Campus Ministry Advisory Board.

Prayer Requests

The special intentions of our community are remembered daily in our prayers. If you have an intention that you would like Brebeuf to remember, please send it to, and it will be added to the intention book in our chapel.

Student Leadership

Brebeuf Jesuit students are encouraged to take an active role in creating and implementing the religious activities within the school. Students develop skills for planning community prayer as well as an appreciation for the role of God in everyday life. In addition to peer leadership of retreats and freshman orientation, students take leadership roles in planning liturgical events, singing in the liturgical choir, reading at school prayer services, and ministering as distributors of Communion.

Pastoral Presence

As students grow and struggle with their faith, their relationship with God, their faith tradition, and issues of concern, campus ministers are available to talk through those times of change and growth. Students are always welcome to drop in or make an appointment.