Over 450 years ago, Jesuit education began with the Pope’s command to Ignatius of Loyola and his relatively young order of highly effective, dedicated priests: Develop a system to educate nobles, merchants’ children, and others in a way that they would be prepared for a rapidly changing world while shaping them as leaders who would have the skills and knowledge to bring about a better world, the Kingdom of God.

The system Ignatius and others developed focused on the students as an individual as a human being loved by God. Instructors, priests from the Society of Jesus, learned about each individual student. Students were given opportunities for new experiences and practice developing new skills. The Jesuits learned that the key to true learning was giving students the time, space, and support to reflect on themselves and their learning, building connections from their past to new knowledge, the truth, and God. This was all done within the context of a caring disciplined community. Students were taught math and science, languages and rhetoric. They were also taught about the responsibility to help others and live in solidarity with all people. A Jesuit education became synonymous with a world-class education that was worth much more than credentials and courses.

As the years passed, the world of education and Jesuit schools changed. Many of the theories employed by the Jesuits for decades were adopted by other schools and educators: the importance of communication and writing, the need to have real hands-on experience, the importance of reflection, the undeniable need for strong educators to serve as guides and companions for students on their journey. Jesuit schools began to incorporate strong lay-teachers as partners in its ministry. These educators brought strong content knowledge to proven systems of teaching. Girls joined boys in preparation to become leaders of tomorrow. New technologies and methods, never shunned by the Jesuits, were incorporated into the schools.

Four centuries later, the original vision holds true and Brebeuf Jesuit is proud to continue this tradition as the only Jesuit ministry in the state of Indiana. For 50 years, Brebeuf Jesuit has brought together the brightest students in central Indiana, dedicated educators, and priests to form a community focused on a rigorous curriculum, a commitment to social justice, and the development of skills that will enable these future leaders to make the world a better place. In the Jesuit tradition, students at Brebeuf Jesuit experience:

  • A caring and supportive environment that allows each individual to discover his or her God-given talents
  • A faculty and staff dedicated to helping each individual grow into a committed and religious leader, ready and able to help change the world
  • A curriculum which is rigorous, preparatory, challenging, yet flexible enough to allow students to pursue their own interests.
  • A wide variety of clubs, activities, and athletics that call students to develop their minds and bodies in the pursuit of excellence outside the classrooms
  • Religious experiences, retreats, prayer, and community service that continue to strengthen a student’s relationship with God by encouraging them to follow in the footsteps of Ignatius and find Him in all things
  • A strong technology program that encourages critical thinking and individual choice. Students bring their own devices and develop their own methods of solving the day’s challenges.

Ignatius called on his priests to live in the world and our students develop the skills to succeed in theirs.