Nov 21

Final Exam Schedule – Fall 2019

Click the links below to access the Fall 2019 Final Exam Schedules.

Important Information Regarding Conflicts with Final Exams

Students are asked to double-check the final exam schedule in order to determine whether or not they have a conflict. A conflict is defined as two exams scheduled at the same time or more than three exams scheduled in one day.

As always, during final exam days, students are required to be present only during the times they have exams. It is always difficult to find alternative times to take final exams and often it has a detrimental effect on a student’s performance on the exam. Therefore, we ask families to please make every effort to schedule around final exams so that all students are present at their assigned exam times.

If a student has to reschedule an exam due to an exam scheduling conflict, defined as:

  1. Two exams scheduled at the same time
  2. More than three exams scheduled in one day
  3. Unavoidable personal conflict or a surgery, family need, etc.

Students should report any conflicts by completing the Final Exams Contact Form.

Extended time test-takers will continue to report and reschedule conflicts through their assigned Academic Counselor.

If a student misses an exam due to unexpected illness or emergency on an exam day, the student or parent should call or email Shani Simonson in the Principal’s Office at or 317 524-7080. The Principal’s Office will reschedule the exam for a later date, and will communicate the new schedule for the exam to the student and teachers.