Sep 22

First Diversity Dialogue of the Year – September 28

The first diversity dialogue for this school year will be on Wednesday, September 28 from 10:10-11:10 a.m. (Period 3) in the Auditorium.  For those new to Brebeuf, Diversity Dialogues are quarterly discussion forums on topics that have a connection to diversity within the school, city, nation, and beyond.  The dialogues provide a space students and others in our school community can grow in their awareness of diversity and practice engaging around topics—sometimes, controversial ones—in an authentic, respectful manner.

The upcoming dialogue will focus on the question of whether we have become so polarized as a nation that civil discourse is no longer possible.  The discussion will be facilitated by Mr. Charlie Wiles, Director for the Center for Interfaith Cooperation here in Indianapolis, and two presenters from the board of directors for that organization will help to jumpstart the discussion.  It should be a meaningful one, and all are welcome to attend.