Aug 19

Apply to be a Host Family for the Brebeuf Jesuit French Exchange Program

Brebeuf Jesuit is looking for families who would like to host an exchange student and show them what life is like in Central Indiana as a member of the warm and welcoming Brebeuf Jesuit Community.

Since 2008, Brebeuf has been fortunate to partner with Le Caousou, a Jesuit high school in Toulouse, France, for a two-week home-stay, academic and cultural exchange. Brebeuf students and families have built life-long friendships with students from Toulouse, and many of our host students choose to travel to France in the spring for the second half of the exchange. Host families have a chance to learn about the French culture and to practice their French language skills, although speaking French is not a requirement to host. The French exchange students, who are all proficient in English, will attend classes at Brebeuf with their host student, and there are several group field trips for the French students that are arranged by Brebeuf.

Exchange Dates

Saturday, October 19 – Saturday, November 2, 2019 (subject to change by one or two days).


All Brebeuf Jesuit families are eligible to host.  Students do not need to study French to host an exchange student. There are no financial obligations beyond providing room and board. Host families are asked to arrange transportation to and from Brebeuf Jesuit.

The application can be completed by clicking here.


Contact Mrs. Peggy Poole at or 317.524.7042.