For this year’s Class of 2019 graduation video, we want to highlight the adage every Brebeuf student and parent hears on their first day as a freshman – that at Brebeuf Jesuit you will be known. As faculty and staff, you know this to be true. There is not a student that attends Brebeuf that is not known and cared for my numerous teachers and staff members in the building. It is a hallmark of a Brebeuf education, and one that makes the education they receive here unique and powerful. 

To demonstrate this, we need your help. Through the grad video, we want to present every graduating senior with a note, 4+ lines of text on a piece of Brebeuf stationary, written by a teacher or staff member that knows them and cares about them. To accomplish this, we’re asking each of you to complete the below form and select at least one student that has impacted your life in their four years here. Starting this afternoon, you will find a box of Brebeuf stationary in your department office. After selecting a student or students, write each one a note – this does not have to be long, but should be more than a couple of brief lines – about how they’ve impacted you, how proud you are of where they’ve come, how excited you are to see where they go after graduation, a personal story, etc. Then, simply place the note back in the box with a post-it stating the students first and last name. We will collect and disseminate to the seniors at a special gathering in the next couple of weeks. 

A few key dates:

  • Thursday, April 25: Student Selections are all made
  • Monday, April 29: Final notes submitted

If a student’s name is grayed out in the below form, they have already been selected by another faculty/staff member.