Dec 8

Help for the Holidays a Great Success


Thank you to everyone for all of the contributions to our Help for the Holidays Drive. Our students delivered the donations to Catholic Charities last week and the volunteer staff members at the Christmas Store were overwhelmed by the generosity of the Brebeuf Jesuit Community. help-for-the-holidays-2016-group-delivery

Over 3,000 children living in poverty receive Christmas gifts from Catholic Charities. The Christmas Store Coordinator noted that the gifts from Brebeuf will go a long way toward providing them with what may be their only presents on Christmas morning.

The amazing support of our community prompted the letter below from Nancy Hollinden for the Volunteers of the Christmas Store:


We would like to express our profound gratitude to the students of Brebeuf and their parents who donated such wonderful Toys to the needy client families served by Catholic Charities’ Christmas Store!  We received your donations this morning—December 1st—just in time for them to be processed and ready for the clients who have appointments with us during the upcoming weekend.  We opened the Christmas Store last night in a short, evening session.  In that 3 hour period, we dispensed Toys for 122 children—a total of 244 toys in all.  On Friday and Saturday, when we have full-day sessions, we will probably give out close to 1000 Toys, so your donation could not have been more appreciated or timely! 

Last year the Christmas Store served a total of 757 needy families, including 3040 children, aged newborn through 19.  This year we will serve a similar number.  That means each year we need to provide over 6000 nice new Toys to our families.  Your donation, which absolutely overwhelmed us in both the quantity and the quality of your gifts, was awesome!  It included so many wonderful dollhouses; baby dolls of all ethnicities; Our Generation Dolls and clothing; Hot Wheels cars and elaborate Hot Wheels tracks; Bead/Jewelry Craft Sets, Super Heroes, Star Wars, Wrestling, and Teenage Mutant Turtle figures and playsets; Shopkins sets; Barbie and Disney dolls and clothing; and other fantastic items!  All these items are exactly what our clients have said were most desirable to their children. Our needy client families will be so grateful for all that you have provided them in order to give their children a happy Christmas!  Your generosity is outstanding!

We would like to especially thank the Homeroom Teachers and the Home Room Moms for organizing this drive for us.  We realize how much hard work goes into organizing such a drive, and we so appreciate their efforts.  We would also like to thank the students who accompanied the donation drive and cheerfully helped load, unload, and carry all your donations up to us.  The students who helped so much were Reagan Claymon, Katherine Modrall, Dillon Howell, Shivam Bhargava, Mikayla Gallagher, Jack Miller, and John Whiting.  Thank you all so much for your help!

We have mentioned before the words of a former client—“I want you to know that my whole life long I never ever got anything for Christmas except from someone like you.  You are doing a wonderful thing.”  Thank you all for helping us to continue to “do a wonderful thing”, providing gifts for children who otherwise would feel forgotten at Christmas.  We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families, knowing that you have been instrumental in providing a wonderful Christmas for others!