Apr 19

Ignatian Scholars Speaker Series Welcomes Dr. Blake Erdel

The 2017-2018 Ignatian Scholars Speaker Series concluded with Dr. Blake Erdel, a Brebeuf graduate from the class of 2000 and a Brebeuf Alumni Board member, who was kind enough to speak to the Ignatian Scholars on Thursday, April 5.  In his talk, Dr.Erdel discussed his circuitous route to becoming a doctor. Dr.Erdel actually majored in Computer Science at Depauw, before finding that a career in medicine held more interest for him. One of the important messages that Dr. Erdel had for the Ignatian Scholars was to always have a Plan B and to remain flexible with regards to a career path. Things might not always go according to plan and one might discover that what one wanted to do wasn’t as great as one originally imagined. By remaining flexible, one can discover other areas within a certain field that may be more fascinating and intriguing. 

We want to thank Dr.Erdel for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with the Ignatian Scholars. 

Dr. Blake Erdel’s Bio

Dr. Blake Erdel grew up in Indianapolis, attending Washington Township public schools before following his older brother to Brebeuf. Dr. Erdel graduated in 2000 and went on to attend Depauw university ultimately deciding to pursue a degree in computer science. Despite the computer science path, Dr. Erdel completed medical school prerequisite coursework and applied to medical school. He was accepted into IU School of Medicine, which he started after graduating from Depauw in 2004. Dr. Erdel graduated from medical school in 2008 and stayed at IU to complete a residency in internal medicine followed by a one-year chief residency. He then remained at the IU med center for two more years for a fellowship to specialize in diabetes and endocrinology. Upon completion of fellowship in 2014, Dr. Erdel joined the diabetes/endocrine group at Franciscan Health on the southside of Indy where he remains today. Dr. Erdel stays very active with his wife and three children.